Sunday, May 31, 2009

Full Tilt Fantasy Challenge -Events #2-#3

These were my picks for the 40k high rollers events (wsop#2) and I had to let them ride for the $1500 Limit PLO8 event (wsop #3) because of Internet connectivity issues all day Wednesday thru Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, I had gotten my first picks in before my modem conked out.

As you can see below, I took a mix of hot Internet players and seasoned pros. One thing I don't think is possible is write-in candidates. I just looked for Greg Raymer on the pick list as he has final tabled the 40k event to see if anyone had him. Don't think Team Pokerstars' Fossilman made the FTP powers that be radar. Team Full Tilt and red pros heavily make up the pick list. ******EDIT Greg Raymer found on list!!!!

What makes it hard is you actually have no idea if your picks are playing. Unless they tweet about it. And they then have to make deep runs in donkament size fields. For example, I didn't pick Eric Seidel for the 40k, because he announced on twitter that he wouldn't be playing till next week. I also no one pro is going to Hawaii this week so he's been dry docked. Obviously ZeeJustin (Bonomo) didn't play the Limit PLO8 tourney as he was deep in the 4Ok, but I was able to scrap him in time for event #3 (the stimulus special tourney) when my Internet service returned.

A Player Justin Bonomo $0
A Player Chris Moorman $0
A Player Allen Cunningham $0
A Player Kenny Tran $0
A Player Erick Lindgren $0
B Player Shannon Shorr $0
B Player Daniel Negreanu $0
B Player Tim "Tmay420" West $0
B Player Jeff Madsen $0
B Player Mike Matusow $0
C Player Vivek Rajkumar $0
C Player John Juanda $0
C Player Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke $0
C Player Michael Binger $0
C Player Jon "PearlJammed" Turner $0
Total: $0

I look totally brilliant taking Team Bodog's Justin Bonomo, as one of my A-listers. He was playing extremely well heading into the WSOP with a WSOP Circuit win. He's currently playing the final table of the event with 5 left. On the flip side, I don't believe Kenny Tran even showed to play. I also should have taken a harder look at Isaac Haxson as hes hot right now and should be a bracelet contender sometime during the series (think/hope hes on the list for future consideration)

Knowing my luck I win a FT baseball cap, which I already have but there are other fabulous prizes and swag including winners freerolls and top scorers will play for a world series 2010 seat. The games have begun!!

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shamanalix said...

Nice job on Bonomo. Copycat. Glad you found Raymer on the list. Haxton's not on it. Neither are Jason Mercier (WSOP POY-to-be?), Elky or Timoshenko, whom I expect will win bracelets this year. Lot of good names left out, makes challenging to navigate the choices. Next year Annette... Ellen came out ahead of PAers for first scoring event. You can still join our sub-league (you're allowed to play in 5), info in forum. As for the "hat", you get its FTP value to buy it with; I kept the points instead last summer and used them for numerous tournaments, including a planned straight buy-in to the upcoming Beat The Aces final. Miss ya; stay well.