Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anticipation...........2009 WSOP

The media, photographers and poker players are all rolling into Las Vegas. I followed BJ Nemeth (@BJNemeth on twitter) and his cute doggy Rhapsody on their road trip from Atlanta to Las Vegas via twitter. BJ also posted some great shots of his journey. I can't remember if it was BJ who snapped my photo when I played the Ladies event. I remember Dr Pauly coming over to advise me of the two pros at my table (one I knew the other I did not as she was Swedish) and I remember CC coming over with a photographer to snap my picture for the article Carmen did on me for PokerWorks. I'm just not sure if it was BJ.

Dr Pauly will be splitting his time between Phish tour and the WSOP. He has an all-star line-up tapped to pinch hit for the days he's on tour. He posted pictures on his blog with the faces blotted out. I've identified 5 correctly including one person I hoped would contribute and is. I still have two to go. One I got only because I obviously have spent too much time reading poker blogs over the last 5 years or so and because I have a freaky memory. Not sure if he will introduce them before the start of the series or as they contribute. I spill no secrets as to the identities of these pinch hitters, I'm Italian remember and we have a code of silence, besides that's Dr P's job to do.

Wicked Chops will be covering the series in only the way they can, including their Girls on the Rail series and perhaps a return of the Ginger of the Day? I'm going to copy and paste from a recent WC post the outlets covering the series and add a few they missed and embellish on a few. I've italicized the WC original post so as not to bring the wrath of the Entities down on my head. Follow the Entities @wickedchops. Get chip counts and full tourney reporting. For a link to the full schedule of events go here.

You can follow Jeffrey Pollack (the commish of the wsop) on twitter @JeffreyPollack and wsop live updates @wsopliveupdates and the wsop @wsop. Stepped up their online reporting efforts the past year or so, lots of timely and relevant news. Bluff Magazine will be live streaming the final tables of 12 events that will not be televised. You can follow Bluff on twitter @bluffmagazine. Solid coverage, often with a funny take. This is a Canadian site I often forget about but have recently been spending more time at. Hopefully, I'll get Matt to invite me to the next PL Run good challenge!! Follow them on twitter @_pokerlistings_.

Tao of Poker: Dr. Pauly is the hardest working man in poker, and is a staple and fixture of WSOP reporting. The entities are on point there. Dr Pauly is to poker and music coverage what Warren Haynes is to Rock and Roll. Oh and he's got a book coming out too. Follow him on twitter at @taopauly. Good scoops and perspective, tons of updates. Follow them on twitter @Pokerati. Pokerati's Dan Michalski & Dr Pauly team up on the Tao of Pokerati podcasts. The archived podcasts can be found here. More pro perspective than you'll find anywhere else, plus the awesome Poker Beat and other shows. Joe Sebok, Barry Greenstein, Amanda Leatherman, Scott Huff, John "Shecky" Caldwell, Jimmy Fricke have big things in store for this WSOP. Follow on twitter @pokerroad or join the twibe by clicking here. Aside from keeping track of the Fantasy Draft (oh crap that's today), the Poker Edge podcast are worth the price of admission (which is free, but whatever) alone. will be live streaming twelve final tables not covered by Bluff. Unfortunately my ISP (the evil empire Time Warner) does not allow me ESPN360 access. This year ESPN TV coverage will only be broadcasting 4 events with coverage commencing July 28th. The same number of hours are planned but only the 40k high rollers event, the 10k buy-in Main Event, the Ante Up for Africa Charity tourney and the WSOP Tournament of Champions will be shown live. HORSE/Omaha/Limit events and god forbid Razz don't make for good TV.

Poker Stars Blog: Otis keeps this a great source of news for the site that most of you probably won your WSOP entries from. As of this mornings count, 922 qualifers have qualified thru pokerstars (not counting the multiple packages won by the dudes who are always in that Step 6 you want to play). Typically the Pokerstars blog covers Pokerstars qualifiers. Wicked Chops is behind Raw Vegas TV: Between our new episodes of The TOKE (our fave from last year below, the Girls of the GLE), plus Daniel Negreanu vlogs (and many, many more pros this year, more on that later), a great video source of WSOP action. Not sure who the 2009 line-up includes but my guess is the usual poker bloggers's such as Shamus, Change100, Mean Gene, Haley, and F-Train as well as the other PokerNews staffers. Follow on twitter @pokernews.

Full Tilt's Poker From the Rail: The new kid on the block. AlCantHang's new bill paying gig. Hopefully, the coverage Al has planned here will be similar to the Pokerstars Blog. You'll get a perspective on the Full Tilt qualifiers (251 as of this morning). Al just landed in Vegas a little lighter as he chopped off his hair.

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