Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fare Thee Well Mauidudi

Sad news today, a fellow Poker Analysis member passed away after a battle with lung cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and the two children he leaves behind.

Maui was very special to me. Rather then call me IRON or IRONGIRL, he shortened my tag to IG, the primary name by which I am known to all those who have gotten to know me. He also taught me how to post screen shots of my successes, sent me a spreadsheet (which I havent used) to keep track of all the money I had on different rooms and was a great friend to boot. He dragged me and a bunch of other PAers into the CD poker tour. And how could I ever forget Maui-bonics, he had a way with shortened IM text that sometimes left me scratching my head!!!

A Hui Hou Mauidudi
(until we meet again)

May the 4 Winds Blow you Safely Home.


Anonymous said...

A great tribute IG.
Dean (synergy)

Zacaroni said...

Very nice IG. I must say Mauidudi (Sid) was a gentleman and well known in the online poker world. His demeanor was to be nice to everyone and help them no matter what. A rare trait that made everyone like him. His poker game improved dramatically in 2006 with many consistant wins and final tables. He will be missed by many.