Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Did It- I'll Be playing for an Aussie Millions seat 12/23/06

"I just need a solid mid-pack finish and I should make the Final to play for the Aussie Millions seat" I say to Snake

"How Many typically play?" he asks

"Last few games over 100, probably 120 or so" I add.

"I expect nothing less then top 20% from you then". He replies.

Ive had a good run in the blogger tour, besides first place points for hosting an event, I got some good points for sending bloggers over to Coupled with a 3rd place finish and a few solid finishes in about 20, 25 and 35th place and only one early out my consistency was awarding me with an almost certain spot in the final. Not only is there a seat to the Aussie Millions to play for, but there are two custom poker tables, 6 IPOD nano's, some custom poker chip sets or a ticket to one of the larger guarantees being awarded to the top twenty for the season. I was going home a winner if I made the final.

Now Im a gal that will rise to the occasion and Ray set the bar pretty high with his 3rd WSOP seat win in 3 years. Ive been playing well against much better competition then I did my first two years playing, but I dont have the years of poker experience that Snake has. I have shown that I am capaable of making some great reads and laydowns and I know how to wind my way thru a large field. Plus I am a quick study and always working on improving my game. I know what my weaknesses are. When I'm playing my best they dont surface but when they surface let's just call it girly poker.

In the past when I've had a big tourney Ive laid low all day, I havent multi-tabled when playing it and I focus exclusively on that event. I qualified and played in about 6 WSOP satellites last year for actual seats, falling short each time. Sure I had a horrific beat when my AA got rivered by 33 at the final table for one seat but in the end the only one who walks away the winner is the person who finishes first. Ive moved past those spring tourneys buoyed by my live play and improving MTT and STT play.

I had commited to play the Online Forum Challenge for PA on Vegas247 which is a skin of Absolute. Start time is 3 PM the same time as my final. I go into work my 5 hours of overtime leaving at noon. I then go and buy my Xmas tree at Hewitts (the only nursury with a selection left) and stop at my Italian butcher for a Sub. I get home, put up the tree, put lights on it, eat my sub while watching food TV and get ready for my two 3 o'clock starts. I am extremely efficient and can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time.

There are over 800+ in the Forum Challenge. Mostly freerollers, its ABC poker for me. I dummy down my game to play the donkeys, calling stations and people who will never move beyond the comfort zone of a low dollar buyin. In the meantime gets underway.

The original format was supposed to be Omaha Hi Lo which is a game that would have favored me more them most playing because it is probably as good if not better then my no limit play when Im rolling. The upgrade still hasnt gone thru on so the format changed to NLHE deep stack of $2000 or $2500 starting chips. A style that also favors my game.

I slowly work my way up the field. Shane who is the admin of the tour and who did such a fantastic job working with me when I hosted checks in at all the tables. He's talking to some of my tablemates that have an outside shot of making the top twenty depending on how they perform today. Skinski the dude in first place is an early out. I dont think I can overtake him for the lead from my position in second place but thats not what is important.

I wind up going out 88th or so in the forum challenge with top 45 paying. I go out to the eventual tourney winner from the OPT Elderfeline. Their A3 rivered an Ace against my TT. Being that its a freeroll I dont mind. I also happen to have lastest the longest of any PAer.

Now Bruce aka Shamanalinx has told me he is watching my progress but he cant chat at Only registered players can chat. So hes talking to me at my table at Vegas 247 until I go out. Once I got out Im alone. I hadnt talked to Snake so have no idea if he is even watching me. I move up into the top 15 and then when down to two tables slb159 pulls a fast one on me. Ultimately SLB159 will go to blogger hell. I have TT but SLB159 is shortstacked and pushes all in. I figure my tens are no good. Everyone folds. He types damn im going to blogger hell I failed to show the hammmer. He is right. Shortly thereafter he goes out just shy of the final table. I catch a lucky break when all in with AQ and I catch a Q on the river. That gives me a top ten position.

Earlier when the chip leader limps or minimum raises against my BB I push all in (Thank you Trent). I type the statement: Minimum raises make jesus cry... Shane starts laughing from the rail and states isnt it Baby Jesus? I reply either one and Slb159 proudly states.. Someone reads my blog.

Its all a blur now but I wound up finishing in 5th for $45 (free money) and earned my spot to play for the Aussie Millions. I wound up finishing 2nd overall for the regular season, not bad at all.. Thanks to Shane and SLB159 and the other bloggers who played and wished me good luck and to Shamanalinx and of course to Snake who quietly observed without me knowing it and gave me some really good feedback.

Oh it almost got better the next day when I final tabled but missed in a shot to win a seat to the Ultimate Poker Classic. More to come..

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