Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Rapping!!

now that's too strong
because I really like to write
But this month is a busy blur
been staying up to late at nite

--Im sitting in first place with 23 left in a 7-card stud hi/lo tourney for the Poker Analysis freeroll league game. Holy Mother of Pearl you might say because IG sucks at 7 card stud. The only saving grace is the low for me normally as my draws never hit. Tonite the planets must be aligned because IG is as hot as the dice were in her hand Saturday nite.

SHAMANALIX:since when is stud ur game? lol
SHAMANALIX:u've been running wild

Just a quickie update while on tourney break and not a heck of a lot to report. I played no poker at all online Saturday or Sunday. The only poker I played was live on Friday nite for the APL and Saturday nite I played Chinese Poker as part of a mixed game challenge that Snake and I concocted.

I didnt go to Vegas for this blogger convention. Im only mildly disappointed but have this summer to look forward to. Im going to be busy catching up with blog updates as they filter in. The WWDN and MOOKIE tables last week were filled with bloggers who were counting the days and minutes till they left for mecca.

Im getting a step closer to my work at home. The furniture arrived last Thursday and Accent Furniture set my desk up across from my poker setup. the desks match!!! There is not a lot of extra room in the spare bedroom now and my new desk is now covered with Xmas presents. Im just waiting for the new computer set-up they are going to present me with and the additional phone line and cable line to be installed which should be the second week of 2007.

In the meantime, I have had my old co-workers split jacking with me on Wednesday afternoons and this Friday I go in for a week of phone lab to train them. My hours will revert to a normal schedule of 8:00 to 4:30 PM. That means a mad dash up the Northway in rush hour traffic to make shuffle up and deal time for the APL.

This week marks the last blogger poker tour regular season event. Im still sitting in second place. The final event should be Omaha Hi/Lo if the upgrade went thru. I have to have a complete meltdown to not make the top twenty finale to play for the Aussie Millions seat and other fabulous prizes. Kick off time is 3:00 PM this Saturday on If all goes well on 12/23 I will be playing for the seat.

Im hoping I can get some time to not only bake cookies but do a complete re-write of the Waitresses Classic Xmas Wrapping IG style which I started the post out with.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Run DMC. I should call you Sista IG.