Friday, August 10, 2007

Noontime Blogger Turbo SNG Fun!!

Off day of work again for me this Friday. I can really get so used to a 36 hour work week (more on that later). I am normally not a person who sleeps late but today I woke up at 9AM. Its a rainy day in Upstate NY. In the AM I went to my main bank and then to Lowe's to pick up blinds I had made for my bedroom and office. They are bamboo and believe it or not the color I ordered matches my bedroom furniture to a T including the grain etc.!!. For anyone who watched Everyone Love's Raymond I have the same bedroom set (Broyhill Fontana) as on the show. Its a natural looking distressed Pine. I chose Bamboo because I'm a green girl. Bamboo grows like weeds and its renewable and eco-friendly and durable. I think when I do my floors I will go bamboo again. That and granite countertops will make IG a happy gal.

So I sit down for a token peep. I get no action on pocket KK. Double up on AJ vs KQ etc and then I tangle with the big stack. I raise with pocket 99. Get a call. I hit my set (amazing how many times I hit a set with the IG!!) and the flop is coordinated 789. So I bet the pot and get a call. Turn a 4 so I fire and get a call from pocket TT's who hits a J on the river to str8 my flopped set. So typical of FTP....

So now I'm down $8.80 and licking my wounds. I want immediate redemption and feeling ADDish, I sit down to a 9 person turbo sng for $6.50 and 3 minute blinds. Sounds about right for a quick fix. In pops 23skidoo!!! I get AA like second hand and I swear there are 6 or 7 limpers in the pot me in the BB so I push all in happy to take the blinds. I've been on a run of bad cards lately: J3 J2 Q5 over and over. Junk is beginning to look good to me. 23Skidoo makes a comment to our opponents that he is a master of flopping junk and hitting his hands. He's robbing my blind left and right. It works till I misclick and limp with ATd. He pushes with 88. I make the insta-call since I'm short and figure double or out.. I'm rewarded with one of the FTP 30 Aces in the deck and double up. I lose some blinds again till I decide to button raise with K9c.... I get two all ins from the blinds. Hmmm.. I'm definitely behind... Hmm I only have 480 left.. Hmm I'm pot committed pretty much... HMM gotta call here on this steal attempt gone bad. Im up against AQ and JJ vs K9. Two clubs hit including the Ace of clubs so I have a four flush and a K hits too. I'm still way behind with my second pair but have outs and I river a dang 9!! my two pair busts the JJ and the AQ is stacked.

Well to make a turbo story short..23Skidoo (who is on a lunch break) and I go headsup (blogger creme rises to top in turbo sng. I get QQ first hand and min raise and he folds. Back and forth for a bit. I raise with QJ hit two pair but there is a four flush out there and a straight draw (but of course there is on FTP) . I check the flop. He fires $2000 I re pop to $4000 only leaving a small amount behind. So much for minding my chip stack. Over the top on his draw he goes for the rest of my chips (flush and str8) and he rivers a str8 on my two pair to take down the turbo. Ive now recouped my buyin from the peep ($8.80) and am up .90 cents for the day!!!

So back out to Starbucks since I didn't want to drive around town with my view in my SUV blocked by the blind boxes. I get my Venti Raspberry Iced Mocha (nonfat with whip). I start looking at the Starbucks music. There is a new Dave Matthews and a new Dead compilation. A male fellow latte lover about my age sees my taste in music and strikes up a conversation. We kind folk always speak the same language so we shoot the shit for a bit until of course the wife comes over and pulls him away from the discussion of dead shows past and downloading etc.

Back home I get my mail out of the box at my condo. Now my mailmaid always sticks the letter sized mail inside any newspaper stuff and folds it in half to stick in the box. So I unfold the newspaper to see whats inside. National Grid bill not due till Sept., Entertainment Weekly magazine, and an envelope with NT in the upper left hand corner. Could it be my holy grail?. I make my way upstairs and play my phone messages first. Contacts are in. I'll forgo the trip to Smallbany till tomorrow. Back to mail... I pick up the envelope and am pretty sure my check has arrived from Neteller!! I open the envelope and sure enough...................$1946.20 has arrived


So I fire up the girly chat to let someone/anyone know my good news. First I hit up LJ and then Don. Don's words get that check into the bank. So back out into the car and it is now deposited in my Citizen's Bank poker account. Of course I had visions of losing the check or getting hit by a bus on my way to the bank. Not that there are really any buses in Clifton Park to get in my way but after all this waiting you can imagine my fears.

Ive decided not to go to Turning Stone tomorrow for the Empire State poker classic. Instead Im going to try to satellite into FTOPs #6 tomorrow nite and perhaps direct buy-in if unsuccessful in the satellite to treat myself. I'll probably try to play the 24k guarantee tonite too. I seem to have acquired a little stomach bug and am making frequent trips to the bathroom.. Anyway Im going to wait a few weeks for my girls gone wild weekend with LJ. We will be hitting up Atlantic City/Borgata the weekend after Labor Day if anyone else wants to join us. I'll be heading to NYC to pick her up first so any other NYC bloggers who need a lift let me know.

And I'd be remiss if I didnt congratulate LJ on her really big score in the 32k guarantee the other nite. 3rd place for almost 5k definitely beats my biggest score of almost $1200. Ive been told Im next and I feel the MOJO is working again after a few rough break even outings the last few days and a Mookie Tilt-fest. Also Congrats to Hoyazo and CMitch for theif FTOPS #1 cashes.


lightning36 said...

Congrats on getting your check! I felt pretty good when my transfer came through within 24 hours, but I was wondering how long it would take for you to see that check.

lj said...

1) fantastic news on check.

2) i too am psyched for AC!

3) ew is my favorite favorite magazine, do you read their blog (popwatch)? it's awesome!

4) thanks for the props!

23skidoo said...

Good Times....Good Times.

Have fun in AC!

smokkee said...

yo IG,

re: your question about turning T$ into cash on Bodog. if you wanna play it safe, you can use it for sng's. if you wanna go after a nice score, a few Bodog tourneys always have an overlay. personally, i like the 1pm 10k guarantee ($33 buy-in/usually around 250 players) and the nightly 40k guarantee ($55 buy in/550-600 players). hope this helps. GL

Chad C said...

I cannot believe we got that neteller money still!! I didn't believe it until it all cleared. Congrats!