Thursday, August 02, 2007

Open Mouth - Insert Foot

Maybe its just Waffle-like insanity setting in. Maybe its peri-menopause. Maybe it was the full moon of last week or the fact that I was PMSing big time. After a great Math and Riverchasers and pretty good play live at TRock I went into a poker meltdown, which may have been compounded by a personal meltdown starting Friday and Ive been running bad since. Its almost funny now. What's even worse I've had to read about how bad Fuel55 has been running and how MD has had a bunch of break-even months. When the major blogger ballas are running bad its time to scratch your head and take inventory.

I can laugh about the fact that I had Aces cracked twice in a token tourney by the same guy.. First my pot sized open raise gets called and he chases his str8 on each street and he of course rivers his broadway to pretty much stack me.. Then when I push all-in as the shortie with AA again the same guy calls me with A9s and hits the spade nut flush. WTF!!! I gigli'd that token attempt. Donked out of a couple more and decided since I was running bad and had a bad nites sleep Sunday nite to skip the MATH on Monday nite. I went to bed bright and early Monday nite and slept for 12 hours.

Mookie more of the same bad cards. Bad flops for my hands. Blah Blah Blah. I think I dropped about $100 Friday thru last nite. But today I start the week over anew. I have a long weekend coming up and another one next weekend. And I have no money on the line tonite. The BBT redo is a freeroll. Lets hope I can finish in the top twelve and get a little bit of my investment in the BBT back now!!

Ive recovered from tripping over my feet but am afraid of a few other little medical issues that are popping up. Im losing my hair not in the alopecia clumping sense but it is thinning. Its coming out all over. Ive always had fine thin hair but lots of it. Now I have to wrap the twisty around my ponytail three times. In fact my hair dresser noticed and ordered me some special medicated shampoo. My dad's mom had very thin hair and I think she wore wigs. Of course this was enough to send me over the edge and I started crying.

So I did a little research and I may have to check out this with my doctor. I could be facing polycystic ovary disease. Ive always had a wacky monthly cycle and for many years I was on the pill to regulate myself. I went off the pill in February of this year and since then Ive gone 1 month, then 5 weeks, then two weeks, then 6 weeks between periods. I got it right before Vegas, had a no period Vegas week and then got it again pretty soon after I got back on June 11th. I hadnt had one since that time until last week. UGH... Part of this little disease is hair loss, irregular periods, weight gain and insomnia. And its a hormonal imbalance caused by too much of our friend... testosterone!!!!. Now the fact that Im 46 and this also sounds like peri-menopause also makes me wonder. God it sucks getting old.

The hardest part of last week was having to let go of someone I care about alot (at least for the time being) and who is one of my best friends. It was making me not feel good about myself for various reasons. Of course my gal Kat was there for me before she headed off on her hog and this guy said it best when he told me to be true to myself. And as long as Im the pole-dancing inspiration for Waffles female WOW druid I can die a happy girl/druid in cyber-freaky land.

Speaking of pole-dancing I find myself intrigued by VH-1's Rock this World with Bret Michaels of Poison and think Bret Michaels is actually kind of hot even though I am so over long haired rock and roll guys. (Heck I used to go for the Pony-tailed deadheads). He actually comes across as a nice guy who can even form complete sentences when he speaks. He doesnt reach the level of skankiness that Tommy Lee (who is skanky gross hot)or Flavor Flav (just gross) does, even if he is a typical horny guy chosing from the pre-requisite dumb blonde hoochies, strippers and wannabe actresses. Anyway.. one of the bimbettes was able to hang upside down from the stripper pole by her crossed ankles and I was impressed. She gets major props for that. Maybe I missed her hands on the pole but Im pretty sure she was hands free. I said to Waffles if I even attempted that stunt I'd land on my head and be in traction for weeks. For some reason Im routing for Crazy Lacey or the older gal Rodeo.

Before this blog turns into a reality TV show re-cap or how my life sometimes imitates and episode of Grey's Anatomy. I'll close with this is IG out.....

PS. Dear Neteller I am waiting patiently on my check since my routing number for my bank account changed. Please mail at our earliest convenience. Thank you XXXOOO IG


NumbBono said...


Best of luck with your health. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


SirFWALGMan said...

Wow three mentions of my name I am honored. heh. Hope your feeling better IG! Poker is 99% mental and 1% skill.. I think.. lol. Catcha soon.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

FWIW for 46 you look pretty fucking great, I had no idea. Stay healthy IG.

meanhappyguy said...

You're playing WoW with Waffles and I? Sweeeet!