Friday, August 03, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again!!

When you get thrown from the horse, or go over the handle bars of your bike you do one thing: You get back in the saddle and ride again. My body and soul was suffering the poker version of road rash after lots of bad beats and crappy play but tonite I returned to semi form with a third place finish in the Donkament. Congrats Heather and Hoyazo for the 1-2 finishes. I was so looking forward to that first one-on-one with one of my favorite bloggers Hoyazo but our paux de deux will have to wait.

I knew things were looking up when I looked down to AA on the first hand (I was Astined) and tripled up off Hoy and BuddyDank (I believe was the other victim). I made it thru the first hour and rebuy period without even having to rebuy. Heck that was the first time in a week I made it thru the first hour!!!.. I added on, went amazingly card dead but fortunately the beauty of having a deep stack is being able to ride out those dead zones. Plus a positive mental attitude has a lot to do with your success at the poker table, and although its hotter than hell here in Upstate NY, I was feeling the mojo working again tonite.

Now I was just thinking how it was two months ago just about that we were all gathered in Vegas for the mid-summer classic. My how time flies. People are already mentioning the December gathering and I have assured MHG that I will be ready to play Chinese Poker with him at the next gathering as long as I don't have to bowl. December is a tough time though with the holidays right around the corner.

If you haven't read Astin's post about the card run he was on last nite, head over to his blog but be sure to bring a barf bag!!! I think we should get a horseshoe and bronze it and hand it off the luckboxes who seem to be able to get the cards tourney after tourney. I was Astin victim number one last nite in the BBT freeroll. I did mention to him that if he wasn't so good looking I'd hate his lucky cardracking arse. I also told him lest he feels really special about that I told Iakaris the same thing in Vegas :). We may just have to have a throwdown ala Bobby Flay to settle things!!!

As for the polycystic ovary disease, my mother (a nurse) assures me its my age and nothing more serious then that. If I had the condition Id have severe acne and have excessive body hair which I dont. So I guess I just have to chalk it up to old age and the dog days of summer. I intend to get into the pool and swim laps tomorrow. I definitely need to regain some flexiblity.

I know lots of folks have seen their Neteller funds hit their bank accounts. Im waiting on a check as I mentioned and would love it if someone else waiting on a check lets me know when they get theirs. Sounds like Blinders may have done just that so Ill be checking in with him. Last nite I was asked if I was going to do anything special with my money. It will go into my poker bank account and be earmarked for live buyins and if I need to reload online. I may also invest in CardRunners at some point. We have no overtime at work right now so I'm going to need to replenish the easy OT money with grinding at the ring games. Its amazing though how little of a hit you actually take paycheck wise. Most of the extra OT money seems to go right to taxes!!! Ill be getting my second quarter bonus in late September (and I made the bonus all three months). Plus I made July and can only hope I can keep it rolling. Its not a lot of money after taxes but it is a mortgage payment when all is said and done each quarter.

One thing I'd really like to do if I nail another nice score (and I still have most of my 2007 Vegas winnings set aside having used a little bit for bills etc) is head out to Vegas in October during the Caesar's Palace Poker Classic. That also happens to run into Vegoose which would be sweet to combine. I believe MOE. is playing one of the nites at the Pearl. Other nite shows are scheduled at the House of Blues, plus the festival at UNLV. . The conflict is that Phil Lesh and Friends will be playing at Mohegan Sun (the poker room hasn't returned there yet, but its not too far from Foxwoods), and then in Syracuse (not to far from Turning Stone) on consecutive nites during the same time. What is a girl to do?? Plus LJ mentioned something about Atlantic City in October. I may be heading to the Borgata for a tourney on Sunday September 9th and/or the Taj two weeks later. Anyone interested look me up in the girly chat.

Peace all!!!

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do you email? shoot me one at - i'm working so much that i'm not on girlie chat but want to discuss a/c and cardrunners.