Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Battle of the Blinds

Sunday my blind battle was with my new blinds for my two bedroom windows. I picked them up on Friday and thanks to the skills of my neighbor Randy they were hung on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say I played no poker Sunday till after my errands and blinds were done.

Saturday nite I made a donkey ass move in the$55 BUY-IN FTOPS satellite for Sundays event. I was out within the first 100 or so people. As a friend said who witnessed my play: You were up and then down and then out. I'm smart enough not to push all my chips in with top pair on flop with just top kicker (I holding A8os with a board of 876). I wasnt up against a flopped straight or anything. Nope a set of 7's on the flop and he got me all in on the turn. OOF. I minimum cashed in some tourney I played at the same time however (probably a 90 person $5.50 SNG).

I took down another limit Omaha8 SNG at the micro-limits. I've been teaching myself limit Omaha 8 as my comfort zone is Pot-limit. So what happens Sunday nite? I go deep and finish 12th or so in an Omaha 8 tourney. When I signed up for the tourney I didnt see the structure as No limit. Im sure I wasted a few early opportunties when I only bet the pot but on the other hand I didnt get anything really going card wise till mid-stage. So Ive been having a good run in my Omaha-8 outings and continue to play more Omaha 8 for balance and I just love that game.

Ive needed a bit of a break from no-limit. Almost 3 years of focusing on No-limit and I decided for the last three weeks of the summer I will play it sparingly as far as blogger tourneys go. So dont expect to see me in the MATH or Mookie or Riverchasers till after Labor Day. I may show up in the donkament. You can probably find me playing some SNGS here and there or an attempt or two at the 24k guarantee that starts at 8 PM. I may play a live deep-stack tourney Sunday afternoon that an Albany Poker League member is holding.

My main live league looks like its going to have a delayed start. We were kicked out of our home base after two seasons (I missed Season I) largely because we were getting too big for it and the owner of the Lanes where we played was getting two many inquiries. So until Lex's garage is insulated at his new house we are without a site to play. An October start is good for me. It also has been suggested that the league expand to 25 weeks from 20 with best 20 weeks counting. That would allow us to miss some weeks without the need for a sub.

Lex and Ray both headed up to Turning Stone on Monday for the Empire State poker classic $300 buyin with bounties. Neither of them did anything spectacular. Jimmie Fricke aka Gobboboy was in attendence and there apparently was a Vinnie Vinh performance the previous day. The dude who was leading event II after day I which was a rebuy format never returned for Day II to defend his chip lead.

No worries about my poker down-low Im playing well enough but like Smokkee the constant suck outs on FTP wear on me after a while. Ive even thought about closing my account and opening a new one under a new name which would be..... Big-Eyed-Phish in honor of Dave Matthews and Phish (not that I was a huge Phish fan). It's also gender neutral and would be a good experiment to see if people play against you differently when there is no girl in the name, plus it would allow me to sign up for Rakeback. Thoughts anyone on if this is possible? Of Course I still would be IG!!!

So tonite I'm going to Top Chef it up instead of Mookie-ing. Ive been catching up on shows that I miss like LA Ink, Project Runway re-runs and America's Top Model not to mention anything on the Travel Channel, Food Network, TLC and HGTV and BRAVO. I rarely watch network TV except a few shows. My flowers are coming to the end of their summer season although I have one dinner plate Dahlia that is a show flower. Im very proud that my Dahlia's that I planted from bulb filled out as they did. Ive planted some mums already. I had a couple of container garden experiments go bad (like my bachelor buttons) but all in all my flowers have been the envy of my neighbors. Plus digging in the dirt is therapeutic....almost like chopping up produce with a good knife.

Oh yeah I have to work the next three weeks with no time off but after that I should be able to take almost every Friday off for the rest of the year which I will do as long as we have no over-time. I have a few Fridays put in for already and a full 9 hour day on September 10th for my post Borgata day off. Which reminds me to ask if any of you bloggers know a good non-casino hotel that is cheap and clean for LJ and I to rest our bones? The Borgata's room rate for a Saturday nite is equal to plane fare to Vegas. Im not friggin kidding.

Next year I get 28 days off (or a stint in rehab as this former lush thinks of 28 days as). That equates to 224 hours. With 52 weeks in the year i can conceivably take every Friday off since I only work a 4 hour day on Fridays and I would still have 16 hours left. Of course we have 7 weeks with a holiday in them and we cant take much time off in January or first quarter even so it looks like I should be able to do almost every Friday off and still have two full weeks for Vegas etc. Not a bad deal. Ive been belt tightening it a bit do to the lack of overtime even though most of the extra OT I make went directly to taxes and I didnt see that much in my paycheck.

Anyone catching WSOP broadcasts? I missed most of last nites show but last week was classic Hellmuth. Next week begins the Main Event Coverage which I will be taping. Will be interesting to see if I can spot Ray in the stands of the feature table that Joe Hachem was at on Hachem's day I as he was sitting behind Hachem. He also was behind Jamie Gold's mom on her day I so perhaps hell get his mug on TV.

And is anyone getting excited about the start of Football?? Its my favorite sport. I always said if I had been born a boy I would have been a football player. I just love love love the game. My mom's dad was a star college player back in the day so maybe thats where I get my love of the game from. Plus my dad loves the game too and I used to always watch with him. I've been to a bunch of pro-football games with my Dad at the Meadowlands to watch the Jets as an old friend has seasons tickets to the Jets and Giants and it always was a great time. I was an avid Fantasy Football player too for about 3-4 years till it became too consuming. I should scan my results in. One week I had the 15th best score in the country out of like 20,000 people. Not bad.....I'll probably be doing my old dead-head beau's pool again which he runs from his home in California for his techie co-workers and friends. Im determined to pay attention to the weather forecasts when I pick my score for the Monday nite game and I will hit MiamiDon up in the girly chat Im sure. I lost on points about three times last year. 5 times I stood to win last year going into Monday nite and never came thru for the win. However, my cat Bailey (aka Le Plume aka Baboo) was purchased partly with my football winnings in from first Season of the League!!!

Ill be blogging while on hiatus just not about blogger tourneys. Catch some of you in the girly chat or come September..

Peace All!!!

Oh yeah I just loved this remark that Dave Matthews said about DMB's album being postponed: "Let's not try to take a shit if we don't have any crap in us!!!"


4dbirds said...

Let me know if you're able to close one account and open another. I would love to do that for two reasons. One to get rid of the 'mother' in my screen name. I too wonder if the play would be different if they didn't know I was a girl. The other reason is that my two boys used to play under my account. They would give me ten or twenty bucks at a time and I would let them play. Needless to say my stats are awful. I don't need any extra help for my awful stats. I do quite good on my own LOL. Anyway, wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog.

Irongirl01 said...
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Anonymous said...
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MarkGreb said...

IG you're just asking for trouble if you setup a new FTP account.

You may get away with if for a while but once it's found out it'll get closed and you'll be forced to use the first one.

I too signed up before I knew about rakeback. :(