Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend Update

Just a quick late Sunday Post while on the second break from the Full Tilt 24k where I am holding my own at T8845 and I haven't seen a pocket pair bigger then the IG (99 for those of you under a rock) which I folded to a reraise. I made a huge call with AK vs AT or AJ on a board of AQQ which was after another KOD call on my big blind where the dude bluffed off all his chips to me. He raised out of the sb with A5os to $600 I called with Q9 as It was only $400 and I wasn't going to let him bully me as he had been donking it up big time. Sure enough I hit top pair. I fire He reraises all in. I figured him for Ace rag with no piece of board and I was right.

I did move back into first place for the APL with final table 8 of ten tourneys. I'm at 300 points halfway thru... 200 more with 15 tourneys left gets me the coveted 10k in starting chips in the final which I plan on being in!! Snake backslid this week. After wounding a deer (#4) and chasing it around in brush and cold on Friday he looked like he was about to fall asleep at the table.

We did have some fun this weekend. He did my football picks and is at 10-4 with Pittsburgh and New England his final two picks. I played the Sunday Million for him and finished 1193/6881 with 1080 paying. After hunting Friday and helping his best friend on his Xmas tree farm Saturday and Sunday I got my shot at my first Sunday million. I doubled up within the first hour and then I took a beating on this hand: I look down to KK in the BB.... There is a min-raise and a call and a raise to $3600. I have them all covered. I figure isolate at least one of these players, and I wasn't worried about AA. I figured someone or two had AK and that most of the aces were out.. Sure enough the min raise and caller fold like cheap tents, when I put everyone all in. I get the call from the re-raiser and he does in fact have AK... GOOT Flop, GOOT turn. River is the gut wrenching, kicked in the junk, bent over and fawked up the bum Ace. I did manage to scratch my way back all the way to a respectable finish but once again a heart breaking river card for me.

Made the money in the 24k guarantee without a monster pair and a few timely steals. I'm pretty short now and folding my BB to a three way all in. I just folded my KT sb to an all in and a call and im toast soon. All in open shove AJ against Lynette Chan in the BB who calls with T2 and doubles me up!!! Back in a little business.


Chad C said...

Every river on Stars is an Ace, where you been?

BamBam said...

Hey IG...

Thanks for the linkage ! ;o)

More importantly, thanks for taking the time to stop by and offer the encouraging words.

I have the best IIF going, and your words meant a lot to both of us!

My sincerest appreciation !

lj said...

congrats on cash!

Jason Flamm said...

hey I notice you play mostly tourneys but if you have an interest in NLHE Cash games, is a great place to learn from, maybe that would help the boredom a little bit, Idk. anyways, if you tell them Flamm sent you I'll make sure you get a T Shirt.

Gl at the tables. I enjoy your blog.

seymour cards said...

love the blog,

would love to swap links

have added you in


BamBam said...

Just checking in. All OK in IG world? (sry... I worry in silence)

Hope all is well & tons 'O' luvin.