Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No I Wasn't there when we got hit.

I should have been but I opted to go down to the club Friday night for a new tourney that was moved from across the river over to Albany-Salami. The dude running the Friday night tourney was being jerked around by the venue he was running his game out of and he wanted a place that could host him on a weekly basis. That is now tabled after Sunday nights robbery.

Sunday, I watched a bit of the Indy 500 and I ran around to a bunch of garden centers and then I decided to stay put and watch the Nascar race and catch re-runs of Top Chef. I also railed Snake and his brother Silo in a couple of PokerStars tourneys. I was on the phone with Snake for a bit Sunday night but hung up with him when I decided to eat my Italian Mixed Sub appropriately called the GOOMBA.

Last nite I got an email from "Action Hank" telling me the club had been rolled. He was there when it happened call him for details and let Snake5970 know. I didn't read his email till about an hour after he sent it, as I had been reading about the No Stranger Land dude's and doing some research for my upcoming trip to Mountain Jam IV (which I will be covering over on Coventry). I emailed Snake went off to read my Robert Ludlum Covert I book and figured I'd find out in the AM.

Snake called me about 8:30 AM today to see what was up. It was something I always thought could happen but didn't worry too much about. Snake and I had talked about being prepared for anything but in the end I felt you would have to be dumber then a box of rocks to hit an Italian Social club. That, and possibly needing a fix just might do it. I never brought more money in then I was prepared to lose, and since I don't play cash it was never really more then my tourney buy-in. Snake told me he'd put a call in to Hank to get the details since I'm a working stiff and he is not. Actually those are my words not his.

Snake caught up with Hank. Snake then caught me up briefly by email of what went down. Just after 7 PM my phone rang and Hank gave me the full low-down. I'm just glad no one was really hurt and that a couple of these guys will probably be ID'd & pinched and yes there were stupid enough to drive over to another location where a game was being held on the same night and were caught on video tape and refused entry. Right now no one knows, if they were locals although it sounds like they may be, NYC residents who came in for the score or gang members. Yes Smallbany has gangs probably figured easy pickings, a bunch of mostly white folk playing cards let's roll them.

Read about it here and here.

And my feed is showing a higher number of Albany-Schenectady-Troy hits today so I'm sure people are looking for info.

Like a few others have said, I'll return as soon as things calm down and a new location is found/scouted out. How about someplace up my way!!! I liken underground poker games to the rave scene . Although I wasn't a part of the that scene, it was very common for the raves to move around from spot to spot and be advertised word of mouth.

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rev69 said...

Had I been in town I would have been there too, but I was in Canada this past weekend. Just found out about it today when I got back.

I'm glad everyone seems to be OK.

I don't know your or Hank's phone or email, so if you want to forward me news about what happened as well as further poker developments, email me at rev1969@gmail.com.

I also have a game tentatively set for this Monday, June 2 at my housing development's clubhouse in Troy. RSVP by email if interested.