Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kentucky Derby Day

I've mentioned many times in my posts that I live outside of Saratoga Springs a town not only known for its mineral baths and springs (Saratoga Spring Water) but for its horse-racing legacy (it is the oldest continuously-operating Thoroughbred track in the United States). Many of you may not know that the potato chip as we know it today was also created in Saratoga at the know defunct Moon's Lake House.

While at the club Thursday nite (another tourney final table but a cash bubble, and more on that in another post), Action Hank and another dude (think it may have been Tom "The Greek" who chopped the win with Jamie at Soul-Patch Mike's tourney) mentioned the ten cent superfecta. My head snapped around as quick as Regan's in the Exorcist to hear about this exotic wagering. The carrot had been dangled and I could feel myself getting sucked back in.

When I got home in the wee hours I emailed Snake5970 with a "exhausted, final table, no cash, lots of stories, call me". Now Snake knows a thing or two about the ponies and he actually has a bit of ownership in two horses that should be making their debuts one late this year and the other early next year, so I asked him to give me the low-down on this super-fecta thingee asI had already asked him to handicap the derby for me.

I was tickled when I saw his synopsis and that he expects the winner to come from the West Coast. Snake5970's picks are:


IG's Picks: Colonel John, Pyro, Z Fortune, Adriano, Big Brown, Gayego, Visionaire

So far I've placed a single $2 across the board bet on Colonel John my outright winner thru my BODOG account. Working on my exactas. Snake emailed me his trifecta's Ill report back on results later. No Mint Juleps for IG just my usual Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks.

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