Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where' s the Donkey?

The above cartoon is from the Albany Times Union. I haven't decided which berg I'm on yet. I think I feel like the Polar bear because I'm not a registered member of the GOP. But the captions on the elephant sum up all the things that I have been thinking about of late. I've always been a Democrat but after the UIGEA I started leaning Liberterian and I cant get warm or fuzzy about Obama or Clinton. Hence Where's the Donkey. My personal opinion is that there are Democrats who wont vote for Obama because he is a person of color and Clinton's failure to exit the race spells major agita for the Dem's. Prediction: John McCain. Wonder what the Bodog Racebook is laying as odds on our election?

This is a poker blog at least it started out that way. But I have no poker-ee goodness or badness to post about because I played only one MTT in the last 8 days and that was a $2.20 qualifier to the Pokerstars 25,000 player donkfestivus known as the $100k guarantee. Did I win a seat? Nope, I tripled up in the first two levels and probably could have coasted to the seat with a little selective stealing but I made a bad call and lost almost 2/3 of my stack. I went out on a typical IG beat. I raised UTG with ATos 3x BB with only 7 I think at the table. I got called by the BB the board came down T baby baby. I decided to jam right there with top pair only to get called by the BB with KT. I was on the phone with Snake who had returned from Florida and who was railing me and said..... "The king is going to hit might as well turn off the computer right now!!" And I was right. Snake couldn't believe it as I said. "Okay that's enough online poker to last me another 8 days." That's the way I roll online.

I still had a profitable day as I bet small on Big Brown on the Preakness and won my WPS bets placed thru the Bodog Racebook because I'm now too cheap to get in my car and drive to OTB ( btw that's win place show for you horse-racing noobs). The horse looked incredible and all I can say is he definitely had another gear.

Now Snake had a horse story of his own which was pretty funny. He had a layover in Baltimore on Preakness day and was hanging out between flights and the talk of course was of the Preakness. Some dude comes in and starts spewing about and unknown horse etc etc. Everyone looked at him like he was full of doo-doo. Snake asked him, whats the horse's name? Reply "I don't know", Jockeys name? "I don't know". So Snake pulls out a newspaper and starts reading off names. The first name he read the dude says: That's the one! (Macho Again).

So Snake looks at the papers that he has and decides that the guy must be drunk stoned, full of shit all of the above because the horse doesn't seem that good with what he sees. When he gets home he decides to dig a little deeper. Like me when he gets into something his OCD behavior kicks in and he does his in depth research and analysis. Low and behold he finds out that the horse doesn't really look that bad. So he bets him with Big Brown keyed on top in his exactas and trifectas and hits his exacta for the tune of almost $400. Bad info that turned out to be good or just a crazy hunch!!

I will be back to entertain my viewers about a day trip with mama IG and how I spent part of my stimulus check as soon as I figure out why my computer is making a grinding noise. I think the fan is trying to tell me something. Time to get out the compressed air and vacuum out the inside.

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OhCaptain said...

Gotta love a can of air. Hope its just a standard fan. Proprietary fans can be ridiculously expensive.

Happy Dustbunny hunting!