Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

My CPU is back up and running with a new power supply. I actually realized my laptop was pirating a signal off some weak network in the area and not thru my cable modem even though i plugged something into it. I have way to may cables, cords and plugs between digital phone and cable modems, printer, ipod, speakers, keyboard and mouse. For work i have a Verizon business phone line and roadrunner cable. I have a router for that although i am not wireless. I connect to work thru a VPN which is password protected so I couldn't hijack that signal for my laptop.

Snake is going to assist me on Friday after I finish my short 4 hour work day (the current plan) with getting the personal computer and laptop configured with my personal router that i have.

I normally am not a big New Year's Eve reveler. In the old days it was hitting up a MaxCreek show, followed by listening to the Dead on the radio for their typical New Year's eve gig they would be playing in San Francisco. BFF Kim and I had the idea of trying to hit up NYC for Government Mule but that would have meant her hubby would fly solo for New Year's eve as he isn't a JamBander like we gals are.

Instead I will be attending a poker party that should be last live tourney of the year (beginning at about 7:30 or 8PM), followed by the first live tourney of the year starting after the stroke of midnight. It's being catered!! I also plan to get some more live poker jones in by heading to my club for an early bird tourney at 2pm tomorrow.

I get to wear the football tiara until the fall of 2009. I won the bet between Snake and I. Our agreement for the final week was the person behind got to send their picks to the other last. I had a 3 game advantage going into week 17. He tried to pull a bluff on me by emailing me his picks first. I didn't look at them when I received them so I had no idea that he made picks to throw me off. When he got my picks he had only picked two games differently and hence there was no way he could win. So re-studied his picks and picked 9 games differently which was the only way he could win. It was over after the early games when I ran out 9 and 1 or 10 and 1. So he will be taking me to Carrabba's on a night still to be decided.

For Xmas I got the first two seasons of Heroes on DVD and Season 4 of LOST so I can catch up on the first two seasons I never saw of Heroes and I now have all seasons of lost which I will sit down to and watch start to finish sometime. I also got the first season of Saturday Night Live on DVD. I was 15 when SNL debuted and am looking forward to seeing the early years with Jane Curtin and Gilda Radner, John Belushi and Garrett Morris etc. Besides that I got 40 years of Rolling Stone (cover to cover) on DVD. Every issue of Rolling Stone from inception to like May 2007 even with the ads to read at my leisure. I'll get to read every Hunter S Thompson article ever written for RS. Over the last year I really got into reading Matt Taibbi's political coverage for Rolling Stone (warning warning warning: if you bend to the right side you will not appreciate/agree or like his political commentary).

I am currently reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not only to the Scandi's breed some great poker players, they also gave us a brilliant author in Steig Larsson. It is totally unfortunate that he passed away after delivering this book and the manuscript for two others.

Snow again here in Upstate NY. I'm getting too old for this snow malarkey. Considering my dad owned a ski shop during my teenage-college years and I skied for like 30+ years its pretty pathetic to utter those words. I did that what city best fits you thingee. I was expecting Boulder or Seattle to come back as my top choices of where i should live, but I actually got Honolulu HI as my number one pick, followed by NYC (I was born in the Bronx!!)


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Happy holidays, IG. My bro gave me that Rolling Stone DVD set a while back. Cool stuff -- you'll enjoy.

Katitude said...

Happy New Year, IG! Here's to a great '09 :-)

Gadzooks64 said...

Happy New Year!

I did a lot of skiing once upon a time and was merely intermediate in skills.

The Wii skiing is a slalom course. It's very challenging for me but then it has been many years and I was never that good! You can set your skill level and I started at the beginner level.

I suppose it could be very challenging if I ever got that far!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Poker Cartel said...

Hey Iron Girl I ran across your blog and one about the Poker Cartel Party. And just wanted to let you know that Poker Cartel forum is back up and running. I hope you will come back and join us again.

APOSEC72 said...

Driving through that snow on I-84 SUCKED. ASS. Ugh.