Monday, December 15, 2008

Icestorm: Beauty in the inconvenience

Here is a picture of a tree completely encapsulated in ice of about an inch thick. I didnt take this one but its a good example. When I drove by Shenendehowa High School on one of my many frequent trips back and forth to check on my house this weekend, the rows of trees looked beautiful and cast a completely silver glow. Most of the ice has melted or is melting as temperatures have warmed to the low 50's.

Water to my condo was turned back on at the main line about 8 AM. Many are still without power. time to toss the contents of my fridge and go grocery shopping. Kind of nice to start fresh with everything!!!

Natures Artwork


anique4 said...

Love the blog! I also was stranded for 3 days... I have been in Albany for a couple years now and can't find a serious game. Any chance you can help me out?

BamBam said...

"Starting fresh" is definitly the right attitude to have, when nature does her thing.

We survived our second major Winter blast of the season, about two weeks ago. Apparently, the third is just around the corner.

Chin up, head straight and know that ((hugs)) are being sent slightly South, by South West!


JD Schellnutt said...

Nice meeting up with you at Turning Stone...busted 14th for $757 after losing 2/3 of my stack with AKsooted less than KK to a guy that I thought was 3 betting me light. Then busted A9 less than JJ when short. Loved that blind structure in that tourney. Maybe I'll see you again there next year. Take care and good luck.
JD Schellnutt