Sunday, May 30, 2010

WSOP Fantasy - EVENT #4 -Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better (3 day)

Event #4 beginning at 8PM EST is $1500 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better aka O8B. Day 3 of the 50k Players championships is also underway. I went into the day with only 5 horses remaining. Based on an earlier post on PokerNews, Justin Bonomo was close to hitting the rail and may be out by now. Scotty Nguyen started the Day as a shortie. David Bach who I feared would not repeat as champion staged a comeback yesterday. Never count a gunslinger out. Haven't had time to check many results today and will do so later. My horses for today's event:

Event #4 ($1,500) Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better (3 day)
A Player Lee Watkinson
A Player David Benyamine- busted day 1
A Player Michael Binger - is playing, made day 2
A Player Jason Mercier - is playing
A Player Robert Mizrachi -not playing still in 50k duh
B Player Annie Duke cant be playing if watching tv with kids per recent tweet
B Player Chip Jett - is playing, made day 2- finished 72nd $2750
B Player Tony Guoga - busted day 1
B Player Keith Sexton
B Player Layne Flack
C Player Kassem "Freddy" Deeb
C Player Andy Black is playing, made day 2 - finished 77th $2750
C Player Fabrice Soulier
C Player Brett Jungblut is playing, made day 2
C Player Todd Brunson-is playing, made day 2-finished 52nd cashed $4296

Also underway is day 1B of the $1000 donkament. I have no idea if any of my 15 horses played yesterday or are playing today. Too many people and unless they show up in a live blog post or are noted as a bust-out I wont know if I have any alive until the fields combine tomorrow. I also boo-booed and picked someone in the 50K (not a horse of mine) for the $1k event.

When I woke up this AM I noticed a familiar name at the top of the 50k leader board: Kirk Morrison. This girl and I have/had a thing for Kirk and were disappointed when he disappeared the last two years. While I was out shopping I received a OMG OMG Kirk Morrison sighting text message from CK who lives in Las Vegas. I immediately texted her back realizing it wasn't as early in Vegas as I thought and put her on a mission to see what Kirk's story is. After having a really big 2007, it was rumored he was into a backer for quite a bit of change and was laying low. There always is a good comeback story out there so if he wins or final tables I'm sure we'll hear some of it. And good luck to CK today as she plays her first WSOP event of 2010.

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