Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cartel Party 7/9/2006 & 1st Live Cash

After Carol and I retreated from the RIO we headed back to TI for the Poker Cartel soiree sponsered by Titan Poker which began at 7PM . By the end of the evening I had acquired a Cartel T-shirt, a Titan Baseball Cap and a Titan Golf shirt. Heck didnt even need to pack clothes with all the newly acquired swag. I must admit however, that the T-shirts and Golf shirt are not the most flattering to the female figure.

Titan treated Poker Cartelers to a nice carved prime rib and grilled veggie repast and open bar!!

I got to meet Billy and Michael (Billy's son) owners of Poker Cartel, both proved to be gracious hosts as well as Texans from Austin. In fact I was overwhelmed by Texans at this function... Did I mention my alma mater is University of Colorado of course I did, did I get harassed about a 70-3 loss in the BIG 12 championship game, of course I did. Boy, do people no how to kick a gal when she's already down.

Shya-lea who is a PAer and fellow Team Anal member as well as a Mod at Cartel wanders over to chat. I'm sitting with DCI/Carol and JaystonePhish aka Jason. Shya greets me and then turns to Jason and says.. "Hi, You must be Scott..?!?" Jason looks really puzzled at that and I interject that I have been bailed on. Shya recovers quickly with a "He what??? and how rude." I'll have to revisit this convo a few more times before the week is out.

After pictures are taken of the whole group in our Titan gear and photos of the Cartel Titan and Poker Host WSOP qualifers (not me!!) are taken we decided to head down to TI's poker room to play a SNG. 6 of us put our name on the waiting list and we are told it will be about an hour. Billy jumps into a ring game while the rest of us bide our time. Jason and I are watching the sng already underway and as it gets down to Headsup male vs female, Jason makes a comment about the guy of course is going to win. I'm not into a prop bet at this time but in true Irongirl fashion, I turn to him and state.. I'll remember that when I'm taking all your chips, dude.

The SNG is a $50 buyin and will play ten-handed with top three playing. This is gonna be only the 4th time I've played live and first time since April 2005 in Atlantic City. Cartelers at the table are Me, Jason, Mooremoney aka Marty, Shya, Tom (Shya's hubby aka Pairofjokers), and Mr Poker Cartel himself: Billy Braxdale. I'm in seat 6 with Jason on my right and a non-carteler on my left. There are 4 noncartelers at the table. One dude announces that he is a dealer and says Oh great when he hears that 6 of us are from a Poker Club.

The first few orbits the outsider in seat 9 is bluffing and stealing shamelessly to the point that Jason is almost beat red and muttering expletives to me on how he is going to kick his ass. Im a patient gal and tell Jason to chill. Finally Marty nails the bluffer for a big hand. Friend of poker dealer is the first to hit the short stack on a drawing hand.. He states "I had outs!!!"". Something he will state over and over. I'm card dead and the blinds are going up every ten minutes. Egad, Methinks. Finally I'm dealt AJ and limp from seat 6 after three others limp too. Bingo flop comes two pair. I fire a pot-sized bet and lose two but keep either Tom or Billy in the hand. I hit my boat when another Jack hits on the turn and take down a huge pot. I then win another nice sized pot and systematically take down, Pokerdealer, Tom, Billy and Jason (cant remember in what order). When we get down to four handed play its me, Shya, Marty and the non-Carteler between me and Marty. Shya is the bubble gal, then the outsider goes and it is me and Marty Heads up.. Two deadheads enjoying a friendly headsup game. I have a good chip lead at the start of heads up, but with the blinds 1000/2000 we battle back and forth with neither of us gaining any headway. Shya had accused Marty of being a blind stealer online when we were full handed. I start ribbing him when he is folding against my blind and ask him wheres the steals. He announces This is Live play IG!! I decide to make a move when dealt AT and put marty all in. Unfortunately hes dealt pocket 77's and he hit his set on the flop. I hit two cards for a belly buster but fail to get the card I need for my straight so Im now crippled and in the dead zone. Not enough left to post the full blind. Im all in on the next hand with the Hammer... 72os does not hold... Oh well I still cashed for $120 which marked my first live cash in 4 attempts so I cant complain. It will cover part of my buyin for the Orleans ladies event which I plan to play tomorrow.

I head up to my hotel room happy that I have inked my first live cash well after midnight. Big day tomorrow as we are having a Poker Analysis Breakfast at the RIO and I'm headed to play at the Orleans.

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Poker Cartel said...

I came across this old blog and still see you are a blogging. But in case you didn't know Poker cartel is back up and running and we would love to see you back