Sunday, July 02, 2006

Women's Poker and the men who Invade It.

I've been asked if I have regrets about not playing a WSOP event this year, particularly the Ladies event. The answer in no. Frankly, I am not fond of all women's events at all. I do participate in a couple of All-Women poker forums (Lady Freerollerz, Women's Poker Club and Ladies of Holdem) to support women in poker in general, but I much prefer a mixed field. Lately my job has been terminator in those all gal tourneys. Without fail, some jack-ass male decides it would be cute to invade an all-women's event. When the mods confront the jack-ass, he then proceeds to go all-in on every hand. Some of my fellow female players let this completely get into their head and ruin their tourney. I am not really sure why, we should all be used to playing men. Instead of taking the dudes on hand after hand, I will pick my spot and minimum raise with a big hand right before the dude is set to act, knowing full well the all-in is about to come. I then come back over the top with my monster. It has worked with amazing success. Sure, I can get outdrawn but these tourneys are not for major $$$. It's the principle of the thing. I have nothing against men but the prize pool designated for these tourneys is for the gals not some interloper.

One time a guy said he joined the tourney because he thought it would be a great way to meet women. Imagine that? What women in their right mind would want to hook up with a cheat. Cheat in poker by playing in a tourney you dont belong in, cheat on womankind. The last Lady Freerollerz tourney I played in on AP, I successfully got all 14000 or so chips from the male invader who had taken out a table of females with his all-in antics. Not only did I get his chips, but the dude railing him thought I must be all that because he kept asking for my number and if I was single. I can't say that this hasnt happened before and I did find it mildly amusing. But dude, you were supporting your friend who didnt belong in the tourney to begin with so why would I give you my friggin number?

When I first began to play, I read an article that Annie Duke wrote about male personalities at the poker table. I have to agree with Annie on most of her very astute observations. I have noticed for example, that most of my younger male friends treat me as an equal. They actually have no problem accepting the fact that women can play poker on par with a male. I find this true of the thirty and twenty somethings. At my age bracket(BIG SIGH), the forties, things begin to change, I either garner their respect or no matter what I have they will call me down to the river regardless if I am holding the nutz. I am a very quick study on people and I look for these situations. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that you do not tangle with the person who is more wily then you until you have to when playing poker. It's survival of the fittest baby!!. For those male calling stations, I will use every tactic I can think of, be it a pot-size bet,an over-bet or I will check raise you if I think I can get you to take that bait because you know in your heart that female=weak.

My friend Larry, who is in is 60's and who plays a lot of 30/60 limit live in Atlantic City once said that he kept gazing at a beautiful young woman at his table and as she smiled at him, he bled chips to her. He then mentioned how at this same session, a Granny aged woman, took machine like control of the table and wound up with quite a stack. He then looked at me and said, IG use your assets when playing live (meaning my boobs!!). When I heard him say that, I immediately grasped that poker was more then the ranking of hands, hand strength and position, it was about playing the player too not just the cards. Hence, the comfy tom-boy jockette goes out the window when I play live. The glasses come off, the contacts go in and the tight and or low cut cleavage revealing blouses go on. Hell have you seen Jennifer Tilly's TaTa's? She knows just what to wear when at the table. Annie Duke on the other hand, needs to Ho it up a bit. The short sleeve tees over the long sleeve tees is nicely granola and all and her makeup when on is great, but she is not going to win any awards for being Fashion Forward. As for me, I figure if I make a donk of myself (which I do on rare occassions) at least I will look good when doing so.

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