Monday, July 03, 2006

Vegas Countdown......WOO HOO!

Happy July 4th!! Its been a boring day, it rained this morning (so what else is new) and the sun never really peeked its head out, so I embarked on my favorite form of exercise....Shopping. Had to get some stuff for my upcoming trip. My spoils include: Three new tangas, two new pair of Adidas Capri workout pants, A pair of Sandals and a pair of shorts and a top (Daisy Fuentes) all from Kohls. I picked up a new Clarins blush in Mandarin Spice and some Clarins Instant Smooth, which is supposed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles by plumping up the lines and wrinkles. Then it was on to Walmart SuperCenter where I picked up some California Pizza Kitchen mini pizzas, some Lean Cuisines, cat food for Bailey, contact lenses supplies, and some more skin care products.

Sunday night Kim and I went to Phil & Friends, with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon, and the Benevento/Russo Duo (who then Backed Cactus and Trey for their set. Joining us were Zack, her 21 year old (and oldest by 11 years) and his girlfriend Sierra. We used to bring Zack to shows when he was a baby, be it Dead, CSN, Stevie Ray Vaughn or classical at Tanglewood. He just got back from Bonnaroo and gave Aunt IG (Lori) the update. Zack is playing a little poker too on poker room and we both informed mom that Poker is not gambling it is a sport... Its on ESPN. Kim (my BFF), just retired from teaching music at 45!! She's gonna have to work but had enough of the kids, kids parents, the bureaucracy etc. She thinks we should put my business mind and her creative mind together and go into business together.

Anyway back to the show, it was awesome. I wasnt much of a Phish fan during their day. I did see the Coventry simulcast with Rob and Toni two summers ago. Trey and Mike were awesome. They did stuff from solo projects and collective works. And of course Phil just rocked out with Joan Osborne singing her heart out. Phil & Friends did a three way Peggy-O that was chilling, Joan was awesome on Morning Dew and they played Jaykedogs favorite The Wheel. Too bad you're in Illinois babe and missed the show!!!. Unfortunately, my lower back was acting up and my space dancing was limited. I will recap both sets from

Trey A and Mike G:

07/02/06 (Sun) Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Drifting, Plasma, Mud City, Play Pause Stop, Suskind Hotel > Dragonfly, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Get Back, Shine, Something For Rockets, Mr. Completely > Who Are You* E: Tuesday

Comment: *first time played, by The Who

Phil and Friends

07/02/06 (Sun) Saratoga Performance Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Let the Good Times Roll > Big River, Dire Wolf, Peaceful Song > Peggy-O, Althea

Set 2: New Speedway Boogie > He's Gone > Uncle John's Band > Unbroken Chain, Morning Dew, The Wheel*, Not Fade Away*, E: Casey Jones*

Lineup: John Molo (drums), Barry Sless (pedal steel guitar), Joan Osbourne (vocals), Rob Barraco (keyboards & vocals), Phil Lesh (bass & vocals), Larry Campbell (guitars & vocals), * Trey Anatasio (guitar & vocals)

Right now I am playing a pokerstars $4.40 180 person sng..We are at the break with 65 left of the original 180. Donkier then the $20 =$2 buyin sngs for sure... Im sitting in 24th position with T4070 all from two hands. Lee must be punishing me for not playing enough on stars. I promise Lee I will work to improve that...

My week leading up to Vegas has seen me take a first in a NLHE league tourney over PAEr Littlegrave, a second in Pot Limit Omaha Hi, and a third in Omaha HI/Lo in various small buyins. Ive been making a high percentage of final tables in my buyins. I still sometimes screw around in a freeroll to blow off steam when bored. Not really sure why I torture myself.

Back to the pstars tourney.. Ive lost some chips when I went four to a flush on the flop and then just bet out till I folded on the river. Down to T3145 with 43 left and Ive dropped to 29th. Top 18 pays. I'll work my short stack magic in a few.. I ate the clams, I had bought for my little picnic with some melted butter already and will heat up the pizza later. Ive thrown some things in my small suitcase. It will not fit my shoes. Back up to T3520..I NEED SOME CARDS LEE!!! 3 dozen left now...Still in 29th....Im not getting the cards I need to change gears yet. My M is Ten... Help me Lee... K7os isnt going to do the job.

To be continued..................

YOU SUCK LEE........!!!!!I hit two pair on the flop in the BB blind with Q3 when the flop comes Q 3 6 (not a hand I normally play but Im thinking BB special.. All in against two bigger stacks as this is the first flop that has hit me in an eternity.. Im against KQ and AQ.. guess what happens... The board pairs 55 on the turn and river, and my flopped two pair of QQ33 is now QQ55 with a three kicker and I lose to QQ55 with the Ace kicker..Out 31st or so......THE HORROR!!

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