Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WWDN and O8B and Phil's 10th OH MY!!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.. no not the band..... I know I still have to finish my Vegas trip report. Been back almost two weeks and I am longing to go back to the city that really never sleeps..Carol is headed back during the main event, lucky gal. This time she is hoping to spend less time in taxis and more time playing poker.

Im getting out from behind my mouse and keyboard (one night a week) and going live starting the beginning of September. I had been told about a live poker league by a fellow PAer but wasn't able to commit since the tourneys started at 6PM on a Friday night. At the time I wasnt sure I could make Albany to Glens Falls/Queensbury (especially in the winter and with traffic) for the start. Plus, there was always the chance I would get stuck on a phone call at work (I'm a Customer Service Rep for a major health insurer) and not get out on time. There is one thing I am proud of and that is I am punctual to a fault. Anyway, hours have changed only work half day on Fridays, out at 1:30 PM... APL here I come. $30 weekly buyin with $20 to the weekly prize pool and $10 to the end of season winners and losers tourneys. Top ten play in the winners tourney after 20 weeks and bottom twenty play in the loser's lounge tourney. Right now there is one married couple and one other female, I think I am female number three and 27 guys.. I like them odds, definitely EV+.

Being the voracious reader that I am I've been digesting blogs. I Love Tao of Poker by Dr Pauly (fellow deadhead and NYer), and of course Felicia Lee's blog. Carmen Sin City's blog is a new one I stumbled across called..POKER GIRL IN VEGAS. She just moved to Vegas and it is great to read about her explorations of Vegas as a new resident and "tourist". I Missed the blogger tourney in Vegas this year but hopefully not next year. So I decided to start playing the Blogger tourneys to get myself "known" before the next junkets. Last nite I did Will Wheaton's WWDN. I got off to an early strong start and was in the top ten and then went card dead. The big stacks were betting and I was blinding away with premium hands like 84os and 23os and my favorite 92os. I saw no pairs higher then 44 or anything with an Ace for what seemed like 45 minutes. Patience paid off and I was soon back in the game and up over T6000. I got myself in a typical pickle when I raised big with 88 (with a stack) and got someone moving all-in over the top of me. I correctly assumed two overs. I was right AJ. I called the reraiser, and he of course in true pokerstars fashion hit two pair. Why oh Why did I not throw them away??? But, you can't play fearful and I'm willing to take my chances, heck preflop I was a slight favorite.

After this card SNAFU, and a few orbits of crappy cards again, I am close to being out. I look down and get J9os.. Now I love J9 suited when I'm in position and can see a cheap flop and preferably with a stack. Limped around to me in the BB. The flop comes with a 7 T and X... GUTSHOT. Anyway,I think "Luck" somebody put me all- in for my remaining T273... I say to myself what the hey and type in chat 8....8....8. The river gives me my 8 woohoo back in the game. I think I had announced in Gavin Smith mode that I was going to suckout. I manage to hang on and finish 6th in my first WWDN for $33.45 on an $11 buy-in.. Not a spectacular amount of moolah but I was in general pleased with my play.

At the same time as the WWDN, I was playing Omaha Hi/Lo on Titan poker for BUST YOUR BOOKIE. Having done the buy-ins I qualified for the end of season "Beat the Heat" freeroll. Top 15 paid and I was really more concerned about just picking up a few bucks. I make a stupid call and am almost out in front of sit-outs. I can't let them cash or finish ahead of me, so I push all in on my next hand which was a pretty good hand and Scoop. Back in the game and into the cash now. I keep winning pots and manage to finish 4th for $15 playing my C- game... I really wanted out to concentrate on the WWDN. I played this by the seat of my pants poorly I might add, and still finish 4th. That just goes to show you how mediocre most Hi/Lo players really are.

Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to two people.. Phil Hellmuth for winning his 10th bracelet... He's now tied with Doyle and Johnny Chan. I had my picture taken with Phil in the UB room when I was in Vegas. He had just busted out of the 10k Omaha and was signing autographs and posing for pictures. He was actually a decent guy without the cameras on and considering he was down 10k (but small change compared to his Chinese Poker Losses). And..... Congrats to PAer from Toronto: TILTER/Kevin (see blog link at right) who cashed in his 1st WSOP event. He went out on a bad beat with Aces cracked by JJ hitting trips on the river (same dude had cracked aces with Ten Ten). Oh what could have been dude. Enjoy your time out there and I look forward to your daily updates.

Toodles for now..


CarmenSinCity said...

Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know when you are back in Vegas again!

drewspop said...

Thanks for stopping by mine as well. Small world too. My father in law, who happens to be down for the weekend, lives in Clifton Park.

I can't claim to be a triathlon guy yet. This will be my first sprint, but I am trying. My sister has been cranking them out this summer though and I am hoping they will give me something to keep me off the couch regularly.

Hopefully I will get into some of the blogger events again and we will cross paths on the felt.

btw, definitely let Carmen and Don know the next time you are in Vegas. They rock.