Monday, November 27, 2006

Feeling-Not Groovy but at least the Bitch is gone

The I hate everybody and nobody loves me feelings are gone. I finally got so sick of myself by late Saturday that I finally did the smart thing. I went outside and got some fresh air. I then went to Barnes and Noble briefly and got the worst Egg Nog Latte in the cafe (and they use Starbucks product and recipes) that any barista could possibly make. I didnt even go back and ask them to remake it I just wanted to go home.

When I got home I set to work on making room for the office equipment that will soon be here. I put my trainer (the thing I use to turn my lovely Carbon Fiber Specialized with Index shifting, clipless pedals (I use MT bike pedals and shoes on my road bike) and aerobars into a stationary bike) up in the attic. I put my tri crate filled with shoes, helmet, gloves, flat kit, CO2 cartridges, etc up in the attic. I now have to just either move a bookcase or pack the books themselves up and put them in the attic or shed.

So Regardless of how bad I felt I decided to spend Saturday nite with my boyz. That is the AcesCracked gang. Sham and RK and Penn and of course the Grebster who I swear does not no what to make of me. I'm not sure if the guyz were on eggshells but I assured them I was going to be on good behavior. Of course the minute I started raising I was accused of being a bully but at least not a bitch. Anyway. I played to let off steam and played rather well just didnt get the breaks I needed with the flops completely missing me. Out I went in 8th but it was okay. Now, I had joked in my post about behaving like Regan in the Exorcist and since my boyz read me the chat went down something like this when I exited:

Shamanalix: IG, teach them some REAL words
irongirl01: rats (not a real word but my response to my snowmen getting nailed by a set)
Dealer: w16227 has three of a kind, Tens
Dealer: irongirl01 has a pair of Eights
Dealer: Game #7175447604: w16227 wins pot (1220) with three of a kind, Tens
Dealer: irongirl01 finished the tournament in 8th place

taxidermist: gg shweety
Penfolio: ul IG gg
Shamanalix: vgg ig
MarkGreb: gg
Shamanalix: durn u stuey
w16227: blarg
irongirl01 [observer]: im going to go rotate my head 360 degrees now

taxidermist: lol

irongirl01 [observer]: spew a little pea soup

taxidermist: sexy

irongirl01 [observer]: throw a holy man out the window

taxidermist: when ya get to the cross part

taxidermist: send video

Penfolio: i could learn to like u IG

irongirl01 [observer]: thats just wrong taxi

taxidermist: :P

I spent the next hour playing Pot limit Omaha 8 On FTP and got back most of my stars buy-in at the ring game tables. I also worked off some of that wretched bonus. The bonus which is like a Holy Grail. For some reason I have visions of my MTT luck changing drastically once I clear the bonus or it expires. For every so many MTT donkouts, they throw you a bone of $10 to keep you grinding and coming back for more.

Sunday, I woke up and was ready to go shopping. Of Course, I was now kicking myself over all the Black Friday and Saturday deals I may have missed. So I went to Macy's and found a bunch of INC tops 40% off but decided not to buy them yet. I had found the prettiest red dress with a black bow in Real Simple magazine. The dress was at Banana Republic but when I pulled it up online it didnt look as nice and was Velvet. Now velvet and a long-haired cat is asking for trouble. Plus the price on-line was about $30 more then in Real Simple. I then decided that although the dress would be perfect and a great addition to my classic black Ann Taylor dress (the one Im wearing in my picture). I don't really have any place to wear it yet. So the dress and ruby slippers will not be purchased.

I then went to BJ's for some bulk stuff and fell in love with most awesome 50" Philips Plasma HD TV. Not only that but it had a BOSE home theater system hooked up to it. What made me stand there like a kid in a candy store was that when I walked into BJ's, Dave Matthews at the Rocks was playing on it and it was like being at the show. Of course, it must be a clear sign from the heavens that I must own this because Dave is on there singing away and making his funny little faces. I say hmmm.....deplete complete poker bankroll of $3500-$4000 dollars and I can buy this and start over.... but TV must be transported upright.. Won't fit in Santa Fe.... I'm not driving to Dad's to get his Explorer Sport Trak just yet..... I will never leave the house because I will have an awesome TV with and awesome sound system, High Speed internet access, and I'll be working from home. Ill be found years from now like that crazy old lady in Great Expectations.

I was a good girl and got the stuff I had went for as well as a Rosemary tree which smells awesome and an Amaryllis bulb to plant because tis the season. I also got the 2nd Season of Lost but passed on Desparate Housewives. I then got myself a really good Peppermint Mocha at the real Starbucks. I ate a whole bunch of Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles cuz they go good with PMS.

I got home to find a message from Snake and to call him back. Fortunately, he's a great guy and accepted my apology for my psychotic behavior at our live league game on Friday nite. So, I popped up Pokerstars because I just figured he was playing and typed a "Yoohoo Ill call ya on your break" as he was deep stacking it. He had doubled up about 2 hours in from the starting chip count and had a nice M of about 71 and I decided to observe while planting my Amaryllis. The dudes at his table were a bunch of donks and dorks. One dude kept saying something about being Sparticus. Im saying to myself "Is he like about 15?" One little annoying shortstack kept saying he felt like a winner because this was the longest he had ever lasted. "Im like dude the blind levels are 3x as long and you started with like 3 1/2 times the chips. Of course you lasted longer you DONK." At the break I rang up Ray and said you are at a table with a bunch of morons. I gave him a little IG pep talk and told him not to minimum raise and wait for big hands. He had plenty of time. He was pretty card dead from the time I pulled him up till the break. I know he doesnt need to be told this but sometimes when cold decked patience isnt the strong suit of an aggressive player.

I let Ray get back to his tourney and went back to my Amaryllis. I planted the bulb in the compost that had now exploded from its little prefab pellet while I was chatting. Then I read the box. Blooms in 6-8 Weeks. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH. It wont be ready for Xmas. But I sniffed my rosemary tree and the world was good all again. I think a nice boneless tack of lamb is in order to make use of that rosemary. I contemplate my next move and decide not to play any cards till the 8:15 PM Omaha Hi Lo tourney on Pstars 360 max players.

I register for the tourney and am doing some stuff and the phone rings and its Ray again asking if I'm going to play and he tells me he decided to play Bodog's 50K guarantee with the great overlay and Deep Stack format, I had sent him the email on earlier. Im just about to get underway on pokerstars. First hand I would have hit a boat but it was a high hand only possiblity with AK89. Now I hate hands with 8 and 9, and of course it hits me but not till the turn and river. I then make a donkilicious move when my nut low gets counterfeited on the river and is no longer the nutz. I call anyway and lose half my stack. This isnt going to be fun. I'm watching Ray too, and type Patience Grasshoppper. Before I know it I'm all in and all out on pokerstars and pretty much simultaneously he got knocked out on Bodog. I try to call him to see what he actually went out on but his cell is busy and I get sidetracked by something else.

I then blow a few more dollars on FTP playing PL08. The cards aint happening today so I cut my losses at about $3 less .44 cents of cleared bonus and call it a day. No more poker for me and its back to work tomorrow after 4 days off. I really really really like not working.

Tonite I wound up just signing up for the Poker Analysis Freeroll game. I lasted all of ten minutes. I look down to AA and raise 4x bb. Get two callers but chase out the two limpers and the blinds. I overbet the flop with a Ten rag rag on board. Called ut oh... I check the turn and am faced with a bet for almost all the rest of the chips. Okay set of tens you win. Take the rest of my chippies. I was in no mood to play anymore tonite after that fiasco and since it was a freeroll Im out no money at all. Ill cut my losses and call it a day.

Tomorrow short day at work as I have to go to court for my traffic ticket. I was told to play dumb and plead not guilty. May work for the blonde who told me that but normally that doesnt work for me. I'm gonna take the Jamie Gold approach and tell the truth. Maybe Ill be lucky and he cop wont show. Yeah Right.

I Plan on playing the WWDN and the Poker Analysis Buyin game both on Pokerstars Tuesday nite. Watch out NewinNov!!

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