Sunday, December 30, 2007

HIgh Stakes Heads Up Alert

No not for IG, although I did manage to take down a $5.50 NL SNG on pokerstars Friday afternoon. I've been on such a bad run on-line lately, that its the first SNG I've outright won in about two months. First it felt good to get to heads-up and I managed to stay patient. I started as a 3.5 to 1 dog and managed to trap well. Two hands got me the lead. I had 82os and hit a boat (two pair on the flop, boat on the turn) vs my opponents flopped set of ducks. MY opponent then decided to slow play or min raise KK. I called with Q8 which gave me an OESD (I think the flop was 9T Ace, and I hit the Str8 on the turn or river with a 7. When I pushed in on the river, The dude asked If I had hit the Ace. I said no. He asked if I hit a set. I said no and replied did you, he said no I have KK? Clock wound down to 2 seconds and I got the call. VNH my opponent typed and he chuckled and said " at least I dont lie. That got me a nice lead where i whittled away at the rest of his chips. He came back a bit and, Finally last hand all in AQ me vs AJ and for once I hit and held. WOOT...... Slumpbuster.....

Anyway not the reason for my post. The real reason is at 2:30 PM on pokerstars:

Dario Minieri, Adam Junglen, VietCutie (aka the poker pixie Anna Wroblewski), Barry Greenstein, GBmantis, Daniel Alaei (steamraise on pokerstars) and others are playing a winner take all $5000 + $200 Freeze-out. Max 20 entrants

Then Barry and Dario are registered at 16:45 for a high stakes show down $10000 + $300 max 16 entrants.

Not to mention the Sunday Million this week is the quarterly $1050 buy-in currently standing at 457 registered.

As for IG, I did manage to play just weak-tight enough yet, dominate a $2.20 satellite to the Sunday 100k on stars!!!

I was not one of the chosen ones who was given the chance on Full Tilt to demo out echecks. Snake5970 was, which I find funny since he recently has only played on Full Tilt when we've swapped funds around and his balance was under $2 and has been for months. He really prefers Stars to Full Tilt as thats where two of his three WSOP Main Event seats were won and he likes the shoot-out structure Stars offers. Me I have a ton of FPPs on Full Tilt and played pretty much more on Full Tilt (all you bloggers fault) then on stars and was basically sent to the back of the bus by Full Tilt on this. I should get my pants in a whirl and scream bloody hell. So now he is fully reloaded on Full Tilt and ready for WSOP bracelet races and IG is well a bottom feeder :)

Colorado plays the Independence Bowl tonite at 8 PM on ESPN. Go BUFFS GO!!!! I see former Colorado Head Coach Rick Neuheisel is back at the helm of his Alma Mater UCLA after a stint as the Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator. He was a "successful" recruiter at CU and I imagine will do the same for UCLA. Hopefully he'll put the problems that dogged him at CU and Washington (which left my Buffs in a state of shambles and on two years of NCAA probation) behind him and show some maturity. Everyone deserves a second chance right?

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4dbirds said...

I thought everyone was able to use echecks. I used it the other day and it went through like butter. Hope it stays.