Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poker Stars Deep Stack $11 NLHE 12/30/2007

I had a few goals for the day. First and foremost was to play patient positional poker. Something that has been missing from my play. I told Katitude in girly chat that some family health issues with my mother and father have left me stressed and distracted and somewhat frazzled. I had plans on going up to Turning Stone for New Years Eve, unfortunately my mom's back is not cooperating with her and I spent Saturday driving her to Urgent Care and tomorrow AM I will be taking her to her primary care doctor. More then likely she will have to undergo the knife something shes been putting off. Coupled with more snow on the horizon for Upstate NY and not being a drinker/partier I will spend New Year's eve on the Virtual Felt or watching DVDs. Its amateur nite anyway.

So I unregistered from the donkfest known as the Sunday 100k on Pokerstars laden with 20000 donks most of whom satellited in. Did I mention I was one? I used the T$ for the Deep stacker at noon. Last week saw my AA get cracked by KK flopping a set in the Sunday deep stacker. When I got knocked out on the umpteenth suckout in as many tourneys, sngs etc I unregistered from all tourneys I had signed up, typed an "I'M DONE" to Snake5970 who was also in the tourney and headed out to finish my Christmas shopping. I didn't even see him get sucked out on right before the money I was that pissed. Did I mention Ive been Tilty? Not Tilly, Tilty!!

Much to my wondering eyes out of 1866 runners, Weak_player gets seated at my table!!! Now Weak_Player doesn't blog much anymore with the new baby. But I did see lots of cute baby pictures of Madeline and we chatted it up in the girly chat before he took a hit with the IG against a bigger pair. Thanks to Katitude and Weak for both checking on my progress!!! It was great to catch-up with Aaron as I haven't chatted with him since the June blogger gathering. And of course Kat and I were able to catch-up too.

And lo and behold I was able to grind my way to 93rd of 1866. I finally ran AJ from the cutoff into the SB's AA. Oh well. I made no real mistakes all tourney. I did get outkicked on one hand and lost a good chunk SB vs BB me with K6 and the bb woke up with KT or KJ. And I lost another good sized pot when I hit top pair with JTc hitting a Jack with two clubs on board. I lost that hand to trip 8's when my flush failed to fill. And there may have been one other pot that knocked me down but not out. And I had at least two split pots. AK vs AK and all the money wound up in the middle but I was the aggressor throughout the hand, and AT into AT with me once again repopping on the flop. I worked hard on playing from position and for the most part my EP laydowns were the correct moves. I folded 66 in late position to the UTG's preflop raise when I was a shortie. I'm tourney savvy enough now to know I want to be first into the pot with a hand like that.

So 7 hours of poker didn't leave me rolling in the dough but it was a confidence booster and I was able to clear my head and focus. Of course since my mother was doped up and sleeping at her house it made it very easy to play as I was uninterrupted by phone calls!!!


lj said...

nice run. i love those deep stacks. hope things go well w/ your mom's surgery (give her my best) and whatever is ailing your dad.

Chad C said...

Still an accomplishment to get though that many donks :) I hope your family gets better soon!

BamBam said...

All the best wishes for your folks IG !

Lotsa' luv and great big HUGS !

katitude said...

Happy New Year IG!!!

Eh-vegas is just around the corner *grin.

surflexus said...

Happy New Year!! Nice job in the tourney. :)