Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Online Poker in 5 Days....

Thought about playing the Bodonkey last nite, decided not too.

Thought about playing the Mookie tonite, as I was typing in Vegas1 at two minutes to ten PM EST, I said to myself "No, IG I don't want to stay up too late tonite".

I had played a swan song SNG on Full Tilt last Friday afternoon before live play and that was the last time, I put chips into a virtual pot.

I'm definitely not done with online poker. It's just such a hectic time of the year at work and its hard to clear my brain after taking 70-100 phone calls a day spewing out Benefit breakdowns, or explaining claim payments or lack their of and educating clueless members who pick their insurance plan based on cost, not on whether it suits their need. Plus I'm working 10 hours of overtime a week now doing my old Bangalored job which will feather my next Vegas junket. That is just too good to pass up.

I have the week of July 7th off from work which means I should be flying out to Vegas late on July 3rd or first thing July 4th. I'm going to see if I can get the entire week of the 4th off a little bit later but will be happy with Thursday the 3rd (or even half a day) and perhaps Monday the 14th.

Pocket 5's is looking for WSOP reporters (deadline to apply is January 31st). I thought about applying for the position but will pass this year. I want to enjoy this trip to Vegas and I should be able to as I will have at least ten days out there which is double any previous junket. Right now I have no intention of playing a WSOP event but that could change.

Snake5970 had a relatively early out in the first event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open. He had registered Monday night and when he texted me at 10:45 AM, 15 minutes before the start there were 200 then 500 trying to register. Two levels in there were still 1650 players left. He had about the starting chip count of 5k (1 hour levels) And said his table was tight. Me chained to my headset in my work-at-home office could only text him back with these little gems: Keep at it, Play opposite the table, Stay Patient. I am such a good little armchair captain! He busted shortly after 3 PM when his flopped set got flushed out by a chaser. He hit the cash tables and came out with $401 net there before he called it a nite after 1 AM when IG was counting chips and fishies in her sleep.

This morning right before he took his seat he texted me that Hevad Khan was in the house. Hevad got seated a table away from Snake. Snake got short early from his texts stating pocket pairs were killing him. Much as I had promised him that I wouldn't go busto so often on AK this year, I reminded him pre Borgata of Bobby Baldwins words of wisdom... Don't get tied to a Big Pair. Don't get tied to TPTK either. He survived the second break grinding but only had 4000 chips with the blinds going to 200/400 and the $25 ante kicking in. About an hour later he texted me that he was out... KK got stacked by 22 which turned a deuce for the two outer.

We haven't actually talked as hes been living at the tables so I havent heard all the details but boy am I green with envy.

He also told me that Salvatore "Sully" Erna of, Godsmack finished #2 at the Bellagio $5k event back in December to JC Tran. I had asked him to pick me up CardPlayer Magazine if they were lying around since I let my subscription go. And of course he did. He was combing thru the magazine back at the hotel room Monday night and had to give me the update since we saw Sully at Foxwoods back in November during the shootout which they both played in. As much as I love Cardplayer magazine the news is old by the time its printed. Much easier to go to the websites. I always felt the same way about my running and triathlon magazines. Did I really want to read about NYC marathon Coverage in January or February when I already knew who won and event held in November? Old News.

Anyway, Congrats to Sully and take a look at some of the name names behind him. Too bad he's not a Jambander or I would try to get an interview with him for the music blog next time he strolls by me like he did at Foxwoods.

Here are the final results from Event #12 at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic:

1) JC Tran - $523,075
2) Salvatore “Sully” Erna - $307,325
3) Mark Teltscher - $153,660
4) David Williams - $87,810
5) Jerry Fahim - $65,885
6) Marc DeWeerd - $51,220
7) Andrew Robl - $36,585
8) Shane Schleger - $29,270
9) Justin Bonomo - $23,415

Notice position three is none other then TheVoid who was the DQ'd WCOOOP Main Event Champion.

And for those of you not checking out PokerNews (shame on you if you are not reading Pauly's and Change100's reporting or Falstaff's articles) JeciiMD has moved on to Day II of the Aussie Millions.


Francase said...

Hmm...I might just consider that, since I'll be done with tax season and between terms......even though i'd rather cash in a WSOP event than write about everyone else cashing.

CSuave said...

Kinda interesting that two controversial figures online finished in top 10.

3) Mark Teltscher - $153,660
9) Justin Bonomo - $23,415

Ed Reif said...

Nice Blog! Put you on my roll