Sunday, January 13, 2008

Out of the Mouth of IG

While railing Snake5970 in the $27.50 8 PM Pokerstars guarantee and watching playoff game.

IG: Lets lay odds on what will happen first The bubble will burst in your game (191 or so left with 180 paying)or the game will be over 4:14 remaining on game clock.

Snake5970: The bubble will burst first.

IG: Really? (contemplating the stall tactics that take place before and during hand to hand play. I think you're wrong.)

IG: How many minutes will be left then on the game clock then?

IG: I cant believe I just thought of that

Snake5970: You're a gambler.

Snake was right and he burst thru the bubble before New England racked up another win.

I managed a third place finish in my live league game on Friday nite for a nice cash of $84. I'm solidly in 3rd place. I played well enough but the two huge stacks stayed huge and finished 1-2 And true to my word I played no online poker yesterday. I Unlike two of my other female opponents don't fold till the final table. I flopped a straight with 79h in a limped pot. I busted out threeway with 34c vs AK (I was live, short and failed to improve and I don't think Eric who went on to win did either). Oh, and I busted Donkey Dave (in only his 2nd appearance) from a few weeks back when I hit a set with Presto (with props to Fuel55) on a rainbow board and got the donkey to give up almost all his chips when he pushed in with just top pair on the turn... I definitely think our points system needs an overhaul. I have won more money then the Second place gal (down $202) yet am in third (I'm down $142 over the 16 weeks but not sure if that fee includes the weekly $10 that goes to the end of the year pool. Snake has three runner up finishes and is only down $70 and sits in 10th.

Online yesterday, I did see Snake take some horrific IG style beats which got me thinking I'm not only unlucky but I'm a cooler too. However as I railed him in the Pokerstars tourney he rallied back from a huge beat to cash eventually busting out 110th. His cooler hand was when he reraised a mid stacks bet with top pair on flop which if his opponent called pretty much pot-committed the donkey. The dude called with AJh (nothing) and rivered an ace. We talked thru lots of hands. And my poker instincts are dead on including one hand where he had AKos either on the button or in the BB. My position was he fold to a raise and reraise and another all in, as I figured he was looking at another AK at least and a pocket pair. Sure enough it was 77 vs AK vs another Apaint and the 77's survived.

As the Sheryl Crow song says A change will do you good. I'm going thru some old pocket 5's threads and really digging some the stuff that the moderator Jennifear has offered. I'm reading blogs and following Change100's and Dr Pauly's coverage down under. I worked a good part of yesterday making some nice extra cash. I watched two great football games. I helped my mom put away all her Xmas stuff (BTW an epidural block in her back is working and since the trouble is in her SI joint she is not a candidate for back surgery).

Today two more football games, plus I have to check out if a clearance Compaq Presario tower is still available at Staples as I told my dad Id take his unused Dell Laptop off his hands in trade for me buying him a new tower. That will eventually make me mobile when I return to the online game.

Snake told me last night he secured a condo for two weeks end of June-July 13th during the WSOP including the Main Event at an unheard of low price. I'm definitely in for hopefully July 3rd thru the 13th. I have enough points on a credit card accumulated to secure a nice $100 gift card to Ruth Chris's Steak house and use for a dinner. We checked out the menu's for Nob Hill in Vegas and I suggested Snake dine at either Michael Mina's Borgata Restaurant or Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City when he's there this coming week. Oh crud will have to mention Whitehouse Subs to him too. Cant go to AC without a grinder, hoagie, torpedo, submarine from Whitehouse. I of course didn't know about it the one and only time I went to AC.

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IG's mom better + seemingly happy IG = smiles in Bedrock.

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