Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Its snowing... again. We got about ten inches yesterday here in Clifton Park and another 3-8 are expected. UGH. The trees did look beautiful yesterday AM. I said to my mom that it reminded me of when we used to ski Killington and ride the chairlift up thru the glades after a snowstorm.

Well I spent yesterday AM/early afternoon driving my mom to her appointment with her primary doctor who got her a referral to the spine doctor, then to the really good deli so she could get a sandwich, to the bank to pay a bill, the drugstore for morphine patches which she cant take because she has no tolerance (discovered after reading the instructions) and the market. Tomorrow she has another appointment with the Back surgeon for a consult which a friend will be taking her to as I have to work as January 2nd ushers in three months of hyperactive phones for the major insurer I work for. My mom had a visit to the spine doctor last year but she opted to go for nerve burn number 4 or 5 last year. Unfortunately because of the degenerative discs the burns (radio waves are used to deaden the nerves) are only temporary fixes. I was exhausted from getting up early, cleaning the car off of snow, driving in bad weather and not getting much sleep the night before. My TMJ is acting up (I'm a clencher) and my asthma was acting up. I didn't play any poker yesterday as I was too distracted and over-tired to concentrate. I couldn't nap and I made the mistake of drinking a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. The caffeine caused me to really not be able to sleep. I couldnt sit still, sleep or do much of anything last night or evening.

So I woke up early again and played the 8:15 AM deepstack $20 + $2 NLHE on Pokerstars which had a very small turn out full of Europeans. I wound up losing most of my stack about halfway thru when I flopped top to pair out of one of the blinds, bet the pot and an idiot with bottom pair only called with A4 and turned his Ace for a better two pair.

I then caught up with Snake5970 and we talked about his Cowboys impending meltdown and how the Giants are looking good as are the Redskins heading into the playoffs. Well probably watch the Divisional playoffs together in two weeks along with our marathon watch of the 2007 WSOP Main Event Final table. With hunting season and the holidays we have never watched a whole football game together. We caught snippets of games at Foxwoods and I have heard some of the hilarious remarks that come out of his mouth as we've talked on the phone while watching the games so I should be in for a real treat. Snake rarely spews playing poker although I do no the signs of him tilting. But lets just say he is capable of a Hoy rant or MiamiDon tirade when it comes to Football and his Cowboys.

We talked about poker goals for 2008. His only goal was to win his 4th seat to this years WSOP Main Event. I of course mentioned a few others he should strive for. Like hitting a live cash for over $5k (he's done it online but live his best cash is $3k plus) and working on his no-limit ring game play. He should be pwning the $1/$2 tables (He raked in $188 profit Friday nite from our live league-mates). I have one of the same goals: cash in at least one live tourney for over $5k. He wants to see me cash/final table in the Ladies Foxwoods Spring tourney and his number one goal for me was to not see my go broke so often with AK. I promised to try to tilt less. I have noticed I get really annoyed and have meltdowns (aka a bad case of the Fawkits) in our live league, especially when someone I deem to be an inferior player sucks out on me. The other nite I busted out 9th when I got flushed by someone who is a decent player and who had chips to make the call (TJ went on to win) while Snake busted in tenth on a loose call by someone who chased the gutshot straight and of course hit. In the meantime, while we are talking I am coughing my dry asthma cough intermittently and he mentions how good I sound. I hang up with him feeling and looking like death warmed over and hit the shower and I immediately proceed to throw up the contents that have been swimming in my stomach all nite. UGH.

He had some success on Full Tilt yesterday after reloading, so he sent me some seed money and gave me my marching orders. Needless to say, I had no luck on Full Tilt donking off my last $10 and now I'm left with his bankroll. Ah the Random Flush Generator on Full tilt still shows IG no love. I am however, currently about ready to satellite into this weeks 100k guarantee on Pokerstars on my first attempt after coming back from scraps off about T200-350, after having KK run down by a donk re-reraising me for all his chips all in with AT and rivering an Ace. I was able to get my money in good with a suited gapper and hit my flush and then proceeded a nice comeback.

I am in for next Sunday, once I came back from the abyss I accumulated enough chips not to have to worry about bubbling the tourney. I actually was able to pressure the shorties and did so. Will probably unregister from the $100k though and use the T$ for a tourney with a structure I do better in. Im getting the hang of the satellites on Pokerstars and hopefully will try some WSOP sats over there. Now if I could just get the hang of the shootouts which Snake and his brother Silo do well in.

Oh yeah, after discussing sealing our personal leaks and PokerTracker with Snake5970(neither of us currently use it)I downloaded the trial version. Not surprisingly the biggest leak in my game is AJ/AQ and KJ especially early on. I'm probably going to purchase PokerTracker as it seems to have a lot of good stuff and its a mine of information that I have just scratched the surface on. Just curious what you bloggers prefer PokerTracker or PokerOffice.

After reading Tao of Pauly, I'm getting worked up for his March Madness Pool which should fall during the Spring Foxwoods Poker Classic too (Another Foxwoods run is in order Snake!!) I had a good run last year in one of the brackets that Hoy I think did. And I won another pool against the AcesCracked boys last year so I'm feeling college basketball MoJo. And I do reckon FTOPS and Bracelet races and BBT Trey will be beginning their starts late February or March. Oh and I cant forget Kat's Eh_Vegas coming up at the end of February. Here's to a happy and prosperous New Year!!!


eejit said...

Pokertracker is supposed to be releasing a new program early in the year, make sure you don't buy the old one.
Check the 2p2 software forum for details.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Iron -- love to meet up with you in Foxwoods sometime this Spring. Let me know when you're heading out there and I will see if I can do the same. I have never played a live tournament there and I figure now is about the time to start some of that.

Best of luck with your goals for 2008!

Dr. Pauly said...

Happy 2008!

lightning36 said...

Miss seeing you at the Bodonkey tournaments ...

Svank said...

I think pokeroffice is so much better.