Monday, January 21, 2008

In Da Club

I hadn't been to the Albany Club since late September. I decided that the only way to prep for Vegas this summer is to play live more. And lets face it I am a much better live player then I am online. Maybe its the cleavage, maybe its my intimidating COACH sunglasses (they are progressive lenses aka trifocals for my 47 year old astigmatic eyes). Maybe its the fact that I read my opponents better, heck that psychology degree is worth something. I can pick up on the young aggros with ADHD, the old geezers who tremble when they have a monster even the twitch of a single finger, the person aggravated because they are about to go on Tilt because their team didn't cover in the playoff game.

I managed to finish low cash for 6th place which freerolls me for the No Football Sunday Big stack next weekend. We also agreed to take $20 off our winnings (the top 6 of us) to pay 7th and 8th who got almost their buyins back ($50 buyin + $15 for food and the house).

Snake decided to pass and stay home and watch the playoff games but he texted me throughout my run much as I did him at Borgata. It makes all the difference in the world in the late stages of a tourney when you are tired to hear words of encouragement.

I got lucky on one hand when EP raised to $5k when we were down to two tables. I was sitting with about 12k at the time and looked down to TT in the blinds. His raise seemed a little fishy either small/mid pair or larger connectors. I tanked for a bit made the call and because I had been relatively tight and took so long he figured he was beat. He flipped up Jacks, one of my table mates had folded a Ten so I'm drawing slim. IG got lucky and the case ten appeared with two ducks or treys and I flopped a boat.

Now question for my readers: Do you make this call? One time chip leader. Aggro Italian Kid named Joe plays ATC, still healthy stack. I had already doubled off him once with a suited gapper. I raise 3X BB with AQspades UTG or UTG +1 .. I get a call from my immediate left from a dude with same stack size. Joe in the BB says sweetie not enough to get me out and calls. Flop came down 558 with two clubs. I check but think I'm good, check. Joe pushes all in. I tank it again. I'm beginning to take more time on my decisions live. Although Its quite possible for him to have hit the hand the all-in bet smells of a club draw. Why would he bet that hand if he had hit wouldnt he trap like I did with my 79h that hit trip 7's?. Plus he tells me in his cocky voice I have the nuts babe. HMM. I'm pretty sure I am ahead and dont figure him for an overpair to the board or any pair. But this is for my tourney life and the voice goes thru my head; "AQ screws you up the bum IG", you have no clubs just two overs"... I lay it down sure enough he shows A3c they ran the cards and I would have won. Do you live to see another day there or do you make the call hoping to avoid the draw?

One hand I raised with AK or AJ and it folds all away around and another young solid guy looks and says.. I really really like this hand. I really really want to see a flop. I look at him and say your 89suited is beat.... He looked at me in amazement and folded 89spades face up. We all laughed.

We had Joe on the ropes about nine times and like a cat he used every last one. He was down to 16000 chips in the big blind and the blinds were 2/4k. Three limpers and he moves all in. It was a sheer position stack size move and of course the three limpers all fold and keep Joe in the game. That is one of my biggest bet/pet peeves. Knowing his style of play why would anyone limp there?. Now with breathing room he had enough ammunition and was soon the chip leader once again. When I left he was heads up. Funny thing was I dented him at least three times (once with the Mookie) and everyone else kept him the game.


lj said...

i think you have to fold there. you missed the flop completely and didn't hit your spade draw. once you checked i think he assumed you didn't hit the flop and made a great bet to get you off your hand. even though he wouldn't have hit, he had a nice draw, and i think if you think he has a flush draw calling w/ AQ there for your tournament life is a crap shoot and you can wait for a better spot.

Anonymous said...


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Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I look forward to you playing in our WPT satellite for free!