Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring in my Step

I woke to the sound of a chirping bird outside my window. At first I was annoyed since it was loud and chirpy and I wanted a little more shut-eye. Bailey was sitting on his perch eyeing the birdy and chattering as cats do when they see wildlife thru a window. I get up look out and it is a beautiful Northern Red Cardinal. You don't see Cardinals all that often around my parts any more and it made me happy. That little birdy hung around most of the morning and I hope hes back tomorrow.

I mookied kind of sort of last nite. Call me Squaw-doosh because I couldnt connect or hit on anything last nite. I got sucked out on early with a flush on the river, fought back for a bit and got back into it when I called what I knew was a NumbBono steal and I think I sucked out on him. But with only $1500 chippies in the current version of the Mookie I struggled and went out 40th.

I did finish #2 in a low-buyin SNG on FTP while Mookie-ing it up. This was after I bubbled on Pokerstars in an Omaha-hi lo turbo sng. One of my opponents raised with what turned out to be AA67. Now I can pretty much sniff out people raising with the low and those who raise with big pairs. And since I was short and bound for the mookie I jammed for my remaining chips with 45KT. Figured I had low and high draws of some sort and of course I am rewarded and sent the other dude to the rail or almost to the rail and onto megatilt. I typed in chat to a friend.. Loose call on my part but Ill take it. I was then berated by player liveforfun (who obviously takes him self way to seriously). I was called a losing player and blah blah blah, yada yada yada And I couldnt care less and typed back sticks and stones. and yawn you bore me. My railbird typed to liveforfun "show some class". This dude actually stuck around to watch me bubble. I mean come on get a life and go rub one out or something to take the edge off. Much to my surprise I pull up his stats on OPR and they arent much better then mine. Actually I think Im ranked higher.

Anyway I'm not taking my on-line game so seriously. Don't get me wrong, Im playing to win and to improve but I have come to the conclusion that online poker will never be my bread and butter, I need to be handling chips and so much of my game is my ability to see and play the player which I cant do online.I prefer the dynamics and nuances of live poker over on-line any day. And if I could Id be at the club every weeknight they have a tourney which is now three!!! (Of course, my work schedule will not allow that) When I was playing my live tourney Sunday a man got moved to my table who I had never played before. He looked around and said I know pretty much all of you except for this young lady meaning me. He asked "Is she aggressive?" and one of my tablemates pointed to my big stack and said "Yes". It was nice to hear that from a table-mate. Hank, said oh good I like my women aggressive.

Finally, congratulations to Waffles on his Mookie Win last nite!!! Way to go Dude!!!


RaisingCayne said...

That was an incredibly tough go for you in the Riverchasers last night IG! I couldn't believe how many times we saw you get it all in way ahead, to come out behind. You did a great job of coming back from being crippled on multiple occassions, but that FullTilt luck of yours is atrocious.

Not that I ever didn't believe your issues with FullTilt in the past, but last night was just wild to witness.

Have a good weekend! Better luck going forward...

BWoP said...

Sorry I didn't get to chat w/you in the Riverchasers last night. I hope to see you at the tables soon!

shamanalix said...

Waffles won a Mookie and a TOC seat? The world is definitely coming to an end!!! Ig, you've got to sneak away to Vegas for a weekend this summer; no excuses luv!!!!! !!!