Friday, April 18, 2008

The Tiltboys Invade the WPT Ladies Championship at the Bellagio

I first heard mention of this last night down at the Club. Rumor was 6 or 7 men but I found out on one of the original Tiltboys Blogs it was the Fab 4 of Perry Friedman, Rafe Furst, Bruce Hayek and TiltDad.

I've played my share of WOE (Women Only Events)including the Ladies WSOP and Foxwoods (2X) and the Ladies Event at the Orleans Poker Classic. Frankly,I prefer mixed fields as I'm definitely a guys girl. I personally like being one of the only women at the tables. I certainly like being the only woman at the final table.

I am not going to comment on whether or not this was downright dastardly and a thumb to the nose to women poker players in general. Part of me thinks it was done tongue and cheek and I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to these guys planning their outfits and grand entrance.

None of the "gals" made the TV table. I did hear thru the grapevine that one women who bubbled quibbled that she paid $1500 only to be busted out by a man.


DuggleBogey said...

Depends how you look at it, I think.

If you think they are playing because womens' only events because they think women are weaker players than men and they're trying to take advantage, then it's a double insult.

If they're saying that the women are equals of male players and they think the division is a farce, then it's a compliment.

tiltdad said...

We were definitely not making a farce of it. Women should be offended at 'Women's only'' tournaments. WTF? Since poker is mostly cerebral are women's brains smaller or something? NFW!

We also stated before play that all of us were donating 100% of our winnings to the Komen Foundation.

This was a bit of a reprise - we did this about 10 years ago at the Bay 101 in San Jose.

And yes, it was ridiculously fun and silly during the dress up and makeup phase, sheeesh.


fonzi said...

This was done with tongue in cheek. If you go out and pick up a copy of "Tales of the Tiltboys" you will see the gang dressed up as women on the cover from the last time they did this.

Is it just me or does Perry really seem to enjoy dressing up as a lady?

RaisingCayne said...

That's funny stuff! And neat to hear of their honorable intentions, and their commitment to donate winnings to charity. An effective and public means of making their point that "women's only" events are ridiculous by nature.