Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Live Final Table and Cash

What can I say? I run goot live. What can I say? I run bad online. On Wednesday nite, I did cash in the Mookie for the first cash of 2008 in a blogger event. Of course I believe I have only played about 12 blogger events this year all in the BBT3. I jammed KQ into AK, SB me, BB my executioner and I went out 18th for the low cash . I cant remember who it was that took me out because lets face it, I'm always a "kill".

Riverchasers saw me go from hero to zero in about ten minutes flat. First off I was playing a turbo PLO8 Sng on stars . I was also talking to Snake5970 as riverchasers was getting going as he decided to call me up and call me a "Beyotch". Which I replied "and it takes a lot of practice to make a good one". Snake, said IG, "I now no how you must have felt driving home 40 minutes from Adirondack Poker League. You are one lucky Beyotch." Yes I am Snake (well I actually called him by another nickname I have for him) , yes indeedy I am lucky because I never have to play in that league again (nor does he plan on it either) and I live within 15-20 minutes of the numerous clubs that populate the Capital District and he is a good 1 hour away. I also pointed out something else to him which he can only kick himself in the butt about.

I may just have to call my little corner of the world "A-Vegas". It is a poker players dream. Anyway this was Snake's 4th trip down to the club in about two weeks and he wanted to see if I was playing the Thursday nite tourney as he decided to head down the Northway for some cash action after a meeting he was at. The action Thursday nite wasnt like it was after the WSOP satellite the preceding Sunday where he left up about $500 after giving back some of the $1100 he had been up to at one point in the evening. Plus he had a ton stories to tell about his hours at the cash tables. He left the club (Albany-Salami) at 6 AM and was down less the a hundred but said the action was pretty tight.

Anyway, I won the SNG on stars in PLO8, I said goodbye to Snake at the break to give my full attention to Riverchasers on Full Tilt.. And I typed this in chat that sealed my undoing:.... "I just won my SNG, Im off the phone now so this tourney will have my full attention. So watch out!!"

I went into the break first in chips. When we got back from the break thebmorekid who was at another table took over the chip lead by a couple hundred tops after he knocked a player out. Like full tilt likes to do it moves him to my table and the two chip leaders have a go at it. I was the whipping girl losing a hand AA (he) vs KK (moi). Fortunately, I only called his raise in position, I didnt reraise. Thankfully three spades on the flop only got me calling his teaser bets down and I lost about as little as I could but it was enough..... A few hands later I get KK again I raise and this time two callers GCox (rut-roh he has a hand) and another player. So its three way I have them both covered and the flop comes T baby baby........ I bet enough to put them both all in. GCox calls in a heartbeat having flopped a set of tens, The other dude calls with JJ I believe and GCox rivers the 4th ten.... DQB but not for me.... So GCox triples up and I have lost another good chunk of change... I pitch in with my lovely pocket 9's against I have no idea but it was a wired pair and when I saw them flip up I exited the table and saw my name hit the lobby as "finished". I turned off the computer and wished I had started work an hour early to get out early to head down to the club.

To quote PirateLawyer and Fuel55: FAWK FAWK FAWK.

Anyway congrats to PirateLawyer on his Mookie Win

Friday nite saw me play three sngs on Pokerstars and nary a cash as they were all PLO8 and it was one of those nites where the lows didnt come, I was counterfeited left and right and the cards werent working together so I took some chances with substandard hands and well thats all I have to say about that.

I failed to mention that the previous Sunday I sat the WSOP qualifier out as I had been out dancing my shoes off with BFF Kim celebrating the 37th Anniversary of one of my favorite JAMBANDS MaxCreek and I didnt creep home till 4AM . Snake played and went out about halfway thru the field. The person that took him out is one of the many Mikes at the club so I call him "Soulpatch Mike" And I actually stopped down to give Mike a deposit for my seat in his Big Stack tourney he runs once a month.

Mike had told me his tourney gets the big guns the creme de le creme of A-Vegasland. Now, Ive final tabled a bunch with Mike and Im pretty confident in my live game but he warned me that there were going to be some players I didnt know who played with deep pockets and were well probably more of a gambling degenerate then I am. IG's motto is I fear no one and respect everyone. And lets face it I have a ridiculously high cash rate in live tourneys, and even if I dont cash i usually go deep.

So I get down to this other cardroom early and immediately I am fed hot dogs and subs and this was just a snack by the sweet big Italian guy who runs the cardroom. I say you remind my of my Grandma, God rest her soul Mangia Mangia Filomena!!! Okay grandma was Irish but she could cook Italian like a native born having been taught by my Grandfathers sisters: Anna, Violanda, Sabina, Josephina and Tessie (Theresa).

Anyway I get seated with a goodlucking younger then IG, dude who I later find out was the winner of the WSOP satellite at Albany-Salami. His name is Jamie. We have paid dealers so all I have to do is shuffle. I had chipped in $5 extra for dealer pay and a $50/$50 I win the raffle and I got half my buyin back ($75). Before I knew Jamie was the winner of the $10 grand on Sunday I had pegged him as the player I had to watch the closest. Not only is he good but he is lucky too. He C-betted nicely, restealed all the ammo a great player needs... Anyway, he gets paid off early on some big hands and I was slow to get going. Pocket KK raise UTG no action but the blinds. But eventually I got it going on and I was the second chip leader at my table. The other Chip leader who Ive played before and who is a aggro laggie, Yonas gets moved to my table. Yonas also had won the BIG GAME back in September.

Yonas and Jamie tangle.. Yonas wins a hand with J5 which I believe he flushed Jamie on. For one hand Jamie loses the lead. I then tangle with Yonas. I raise he calls. The board comes babies. I bet he throws chips up and out. Turn another blank and knowing his range of hands could be anything from a rag ace to the hammer I move in. He says I have to call. He had QQ and my KK doubles thru him. Just what I need. Eventually I take Yonas out. He comes over the top of me and I have the top and bottom pair with A9 on an A9K board. He again had hurled his chips up and out. Usually a major tell that you aint that strong. I was right A3os... I won the $20 bounty on his head as he was the previous deep stack challenge winner. Mike had shouted out who took Yonas out?? and when i gleefully sang I did Mike.. He laughed and said you bad girl. And I was the only gal with 31 men on this lovely Spring evening.

5 were to pay based on the 32 entrants. I final table and when we get 6 handed we decide to take $20 off each of the top 5 spots to pay 6th. This usually loosens things up a bit. I had missed one great opportunity prior to the final table which would have seem me take possibly two players out had I called with my pocket 44's and the board came 433. Ouchers.. The raise came from UTG and it was a raise to $2400 from the blinds of $400/$800. This fellow hadnt played a lot of hands he did get a caller and that would have priced me in right there.. UGH. I pay Jamie off on an Oh Really moment when I called him down to see if he really really really did have the Ace or the K only to see that my 77 were no good. And then I raised with AK First to act only to get 4 callers . Tom on my immediate left had A9s, which he told me as we both mucked our hands when the board came all low and the blind pounced on the flop like a male dog would on a female in heat.

So we all know that IG has managed to lose some chips on some poorly timed and played hands as well as the blinds moving around at warp speed, plus her failure to win only one major hand at the final table (I went over the top of the shorties AK from the BB holding AA to knock him out). I didnt have a lot of great hands to work with at the end 32os, 47os, K3, Q2 the usual nonplayable hands. The 77 hand is really the only bad hand I should kick myself for and that was when I had chips. The AK hand was just poor timing, as we all now AK usually fairs poorly multi-way and with that many callers a lot of my outs are gone. I am now the short stack or close to it and at 6 handed with Jamie now the BB when I have the button I make this prophetic announcement:

"In a few hands I am going to Jam into Jamie as the shortstack and he will suck out on me." And in a few hands that is exactly what happens. I jam with AK on the button. He calls saying I'm aure I'm behind but he had AQ and the board comes xQ22Q...... He hits Qs full of deuces to end my little sojurn at just a little before 1 AM this morning.

Mike ran a great show with the paid dealers and 10k starting chips no antes and 30 minutes levels. Dinner after the subs was lemon chicken and baked ziti and Italian bread. The dealers were great. Steve actually dealt at TI in Vegas and I picked up on it and asked if he had dealt professionally becuase I noticed his dealer pitch. Nick did the best impressions of TeddyKGB and kept me laughing and Jamie (dealer Jamie) looked like Bret Yungblut (aka Gank) without the dreads. I felt completely at ease being the only female. When I put on my fleece, Mike asked me it was getting too cool. I told him no im getting serious. He said you need a hoodie for that and I replied.. Hoodies are ghey. That got a bunch of laughs as did my demurely adorned chest spilling a soda all over my self and the table. Ill be back for another go round next month.

IG sat out todays tourney at Albany- Salami thanks to a sinus headache and a late afternoon fade. But I did get some great extensions for my hair which I will debut shortly.


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Congrats on the cash hon.

Start planning your Vegas trip!

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Congrats on the cash IG! Enjoyed the write up.

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