Sunday, April 06, 2008

Albany Poker League Final Table and Cash Part III

As I mentioned in my morning post, I suffered enough at the whims of the online poker gods on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars this week and thru the weekend, so I headed down to the Albany Club to play... Ive been there 6 times and final tabled and cashed three times now. Plus I was two out of the money in the September big game. Only on my first appearance did I play like a sheep and go out midway.

Like I said I feel I am much better live then online. I usually money about one every 4 times. I cashed in two of the four MTTS I played this past summer in Vegas. My league cashes were either 4 or 5 cashes (Im not counting my subs in the money finishes, nor the two season-ender guaranteed payouts) over 21 weeks that I played and showed up. And of course I summarized my APL finishes above.

I finished 9th tonite. After a really good run early and mid tourney.I was pretty card dead at the end. I jammed UTG with KQos with $17500 in chips left. I was due to post the big blind of $4000 and then the small blind of $2000 the next two hands. I got called by AQ and they wound up hitting their ace on the flop and trips on the river and I missed the J I needed for the gutter ball I landed. Probably could have waited till I was in the blinds but I took my chances.

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