Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holdem Poker Chat 24 Hour Poker Marathon

I got my online start as a forum rat. I'm pimpin this for a forum owner.... You may just see a red pro in the full tilt games!!!

The time has come for the online poker event of the year!

Everything you need to know is on this page. Read it carefully.

****Medical Disclaimer - Consult a physician before entering into this event. If you have a medical condition or feel yourself getting very tired, GET SOME SLEEP. HoldemPokerChat.com, it's owners and affiliate partners will not be held responsible. DO NOT use substances to keep you awake. You do not need to compete in all the tournaments to be the overall winner

Beginning at 12pm EST on April 26th, 2008, Holdem Poker Chat will be launching a ground-breaking 24 hour Poker Marathon!
What does this mean? 24 hours…24 poker tournaments!
Yes, you read that correctly. In the span of 24 hours, we will be hosting 24 poker tournaments!
This will consist of both freerolls and money-added buyins. Tournaments will occur every hour, on the hour.

We will begin and end the event on the #1 online poker site, PokerStars, beginning with a $250 freeroll and ending with a $10 buyin, with $100 added to the prize pool. Along the way, we will stop at FullTilt, Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Poker Nordica! All and all, it will be a wonderful journey, with over $2500 added to the prize pools!

And… We’All be running a tournament Leaderboard with over $1000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.

1st Place – An Ipod Nano, HPC hat and $250
2nd Place – HPC hat and $200
3rd Place – HPC hat and $150
4th Place – HPC hat and $100
5th Place – HPC hat and $50
6th - 10th - Mystery prizes including a Main Event satellite seat on Cake Poker. - These will be announced on the forum once the final games starts.

If you compete in all 24 games, you will receive an Ironman Forum Title and will be entered into a private freeroll tournament.

Follow these step to enter and get the passwords
If you don't input your information, you will not get any credit and you will not be able to access the passwords.

So, get your comfortable chair ready, bring the fridge to the computer (or the computer to the fridge), make sure to be stocked up on pizza and chips.

**** Medical Disclaimer - Consult a physician before entering into this event. We cannot stress to you how important it is for you to get enough sleep. This marathon is for entertainment purposes only. We DO NOT want anyone getting hurt or worse. So again if you feel you cannot continue, Please, GET SOME SLEEP.

***** All members of the forum are eligible to win. In the case of password leaks and/or the players username not found in our database, that place will be blank and no one will get those points. Example: You finish 2nd and the 1st place winner isn't in our database. You get 2nd place points. We will not be bumping people up spots. So DO NOT give out passwords, it will only hurt you.

In the event of a server problem, all passwords will be posted on Mucknuts.com which is on a different server.


RaisingCayne said...

Wow. Wild idea. Thanks for posting the details, I'll consider it. (Albeit I'm likely to pull a Vinnie Vinh through most of the tourneys.)

Mits said...

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