Thursday, June 05, 2008

Albany Times Useless (aka Union) Club Bust Coverage

We Empire Staters sure know what is important don't we? First Eliot Spitzer's sexual peccadillos garner way to much coverage (in Europe probably no one would care) and now the bust of the underground cardrooms in Albany, NY garner front page headlines. I feel like I was part of a major media event without having been there that night.

We have this article Trouble in the Cards and this article Card Games Behind Closed Doors all making today's paper. One even made the front page, including pictures of the doors of the 4 underground cardrooms and their exact locations. Three of these clubs are now shut down. The fourth one where I have played is still open, but the tournament I was supposed to play Saturday night is now postponed indefinitely. Some people are just way to free with information. I never told random people the location of the clubs and it was only after you passed my muster would I introduce you to them. And I would escort you there on your first visit. Of course I'm Italian and we have a word "Omerta" what ever happened to the saying "Loose lips, sink ships"?

First of all to those individuals who say I was partaking of an illegal activity FUCK OFF. Playing poker is not illegal in NY and playing cards in a private residence or setting is not illegal either. It is illegal of the owner of an establishment to rake the game. The saturday night tournament was a bigger stakes game that we held once every 4-6 weeks. We had food ordered in (which was always really good) and we paid some kids to deal the tourney so that all we needed to do was shuffle. It freed me up to concentrate and play my A game as I hate playing hands I deal (superstitious since I busted myself out of the Adirondack Poker League at least 3 times last season). We all were willing participants in a game which I consider to be a game of skill and some luck. Over the long haul at higher limits it is 90% skill I would reckon. That is why I liked this tourney. Deep stacked, long blind levels show a players real talent as it wasnt an on-line shove-fest.

To the neighbors of the card club who feel the players deserved to be robbed all I can say is that is not a nice thing to wish on anyone. Thats like me saying you should get E Coli from the hamburger you buy.

So now for the forseeable future I will get my poker jollies on and Fulltilt for play money. I plan on building piles of play chips to become the World Play Chip Champion of the World. Joking!!!!!

And Snake5970 after reading the articles said this in his infinite wisdom: "Read the TU articles, what a bunch of bullshit. Does anybody tell the truth, neighbors, politicians, reporters or gamblers? Just be patient (edited) and in time all will be back to normal, everything cycles around in time."

And as IG says believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see!!

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OhCaptain said...

Well that sucks. I wish the city officials would look around and actually solve a problem. These kinds of busts are ridiculous.

But what can I say. I about as open a poker player there is. I don't hide it. I attend and host many a game, but we don't rake.

At my last home game tournament, people were offering to chip in for food. I declined and just told everyone that if they want to help, just bring food. I hate jail.