Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tyson Gay Fastest Man Alive on Land over 100 Meters

The ghost of Chip Reese may be holding court over the Amazon Room at the Rio but the ghost of Steve PreFontaine rules Oregon's Hayward Field. Fast times are run there.

So while my kindred poker spirits in Las Vegas were watching Spain upset Germany to win the Euro 2008 Cup I was watching Track and Field and Swimming.

For a minute I was able to forget that Track and Field is/was dirty. Yesterday I watched Tyson Gay set an American record in the semifinals of 9.77 seconds after a snafu in the qualifier (he misjudged the finish line). Today in the finals he rocked Hayward Field with a wind-aided 9:68. The fastest recorded time by a human being over 100 meters. Unfortunately, because the wind was over the legal limit no world record.

The first hour of Olympic Trials coverage ended with a BOOM and began with a BOOM. Michael Phelps then unleashed a world record in the 400M IM (individual medley: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle). The second place finisher was also under the world record.

Absolute perfection today by American athletes on the track and in the pool.

Earlier in the day I watched an awesome surfing flick on ESPN2 called Down the Barrel. Below is a photo of Kelly Slater I hijacked from the documentary.

And since we are on a sports theme today. Condolences to Georgia Bulldogs fans on the loss of their beloved Mascot UGA VI.

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