Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shout-Out to Snake5970 in Vegas

Just a quick Saturday post. Snake5970 attempted to buy-in to the WSOP event #49 today but was told they capped it at 2700 due to space limitations. He wasn't too happy about that as it was the second day in a row that Harrah's didn't have their shit together for the Average Joe Player (more on that later). Another player told him they cut the blinds on his tourney (may have been the second chance) from 15 to 7 and then to 5 until the remaining players just chopped to give up the floor space. He was talking to a dealer who told him that although Harrah's hired about 30% more dealers to handle the masses alot of them have sat around idle and aren't making the money they are used to because Harrah's now doesn't have space to put all the players.

Dr Pauly reporting from Media row had this to say about the space limitations and set-up:

First fuck up of the day by Harrah's? Putting HORSE in the wrong part of the orange section. Imagine a rectangle and the final three tables inside. Well only one of the four sides could house railbirds. Two sides were adjacent to the donkament tables. The third was against the wall and used by tournament staff. That left only one side for the hundreds of railbirds. HORSE attracted the biggest crowd I have seen so far at the WSOP. By using the area closest to the main doors, the directly caused a major traffic jam with people trying to enter the Amazon Room. The lack of viewing space on the rail made it almost impossible for non-official media to get their jobs done. All in all, it's a big clusterfuck for the biggest event at the WSOP.

Their intentions were good but execution of their plan was poor. Big 'F' for day 4 before it has even started.

On Snake's first full day in Vegas (Thursday) he played a $330 sat to the Main Event. Harrah's told him expect about 300+. They only got 120 or so. The structure was horrible with 2k chips to start and it ran like a turbo. To top it off they told him it was in the satellite room but when he got there something else was going on. After a bunch of back and forths and the tourney director not even knowing where the satellite was being held, Snake found his seat in front of Buzio's.

Yesterday he played the $500 sat to the Main Event which he didn't fair that well in either but he ground out several hundred playing cash at the Rio to just leave himself a little short on the day.

So when I talked to him earlier he was on his way to Casear's to see if he could get into the Mega-stack starting at Noon. Right before chips went into the air he texted me that he was in. I just got a break time phone call that after 4 levels he was alive and well and up to about 50k chips. Over 600 registered today and they were down to about 200 something.

Snake5970 update busto about three hands after the break on two hands... He ran QQ into KK against a guy who had just gotten moved to the table. Snake made it 4000 to go the dude reraised to about 12k, Snake shoved. Call KK holds. Then down to about 20k with JJ he called a shorties all in, the dude from the KK hand called with AQ. Snake hit a set of Jacks on the flop. He moved all in and was up against TT vs the shortie but the straight hit for AQ guy and hero to zero in the span of about ten minutes. He definitely liked the Caesar's structure and I told him he should play the grand finale and not worry about that Holy Grail/Money Pit called the Main Event. But hey I'm a practical realistic kind of girl.

As for me I'm watching the US Olympic Track and Field Trials. I did play live last Saturday night at an undisclosed location somewhere across two rivers in a galaxy far far away. I was the bubble girl, final tabling again but I finished 9th with 8 paying. I did make two really good calls that I'm pretty proud of one after I accidentally exposed my cards with a person left to act. Tom had his cards tucked under his chips and his hands over them and I didn't realize he was still in the hand. When he saw my cards he tried to bet me off the hand by raising me on the river. I didnt think he was much stronger then I, I figured my AT was good enough and he didn't have two pair so I called. He showed AT too, we split and Tom, said good call I'm surprised you called after my raise.

On line play has been something like this.. I've finished 2nd twice (Bodog and Pokerstars) and third once (Bodog) in SNGs, I bombed out of a 27 person sng finishing 11th when I got stacked early in a set over set fiasco. I outlasted most of the other donkeys but my KK or AA got out flopped by a big stacks 88 when they hit their set (so typical) and out I went. I did have a nice 6th place final table on Full tilt poker in an Omaha Hi Lo tourney. Much like this guy , who will never win a Mookie, I will never see the final table of a No-limit Holdem tournament on Full Tilt Poker because the creators of TiltWare have a doomswitch programmed in to kill me off at the first sign of an ITM finish.


Weak Player said...

Yes, I am in the land of the living ;-) I am not a big Harrah's fan myself, you may have noticed. I steered clear of the Rio today as I knew the $1500NL would be a complete zoo. I expected the entire place to be filled with MTT players, so cash. Fortunately, the action is just as good at the Venetian. Cheers.

rev69 said...

I was in LV 6/11-20 and I played Caesars on 6/16, event 32 at the wsop 6/17, and the venetian deepstack on 6/18. Moneyed in the Venetian. Their tourney was the best of the 3, win or lose.