Friday, June 06, 2008

Belmont Stakes Picks

Snake5970 and I have formed a little joint partnership for some low-stakes horse betting fun and games. Our betting focus is primarily the more exotic wagering of exactas, trifectas and superfectas. My original intent or what I call the get rich slowly scheme was to do ten-cent-superfecta's only within the context of our little corporation. Our primary focus will be the upcoming summer meet at Saratoga. Snake emailed me last nite to say no tencent-superfecta's on the Belmont our first little JBV (joint betting venture).

Handicapping for the Belmont was solely by Snake5970. He's retired and has time to comb thru the daily racing sheets etc. I myself look at breeding and times run in workouts and against the other horses. Once in a while I will go with the jockey. No I dont pick grey horses because they are pretty.

It should be no Surprise that we think Big Brown will win and that we will have our first triple crown winner in 30 years. So we are taking Big Brown on top in all our wagering.

Exacta's Big Brown over Macho Again and Dennis of Cork

Trifecta Big Brown over Macho Again, Dennis of Cork, Tale of Ekati, Ichabod Crane (as an aside my mom graduated from the school that became Ichabod Crane High School in Columbia County New York)

We have intentionally left Casino Drive out of the mix as Snake5970 said:

-we need Casino Drive to come up empty.The horse does look good but you cannot use it with BB and expect any value.I really think if anybody beats BB it will be Macho Again or Dennis Of Cork.

IG replied with:

I'm laughing because it sounds like we are picking stocks (value investing) rather then horses.

That's how IEAH Stables does it and they own BB!!!!

BB= Big Brown not Big Blind!!!

Total investment $16. $8 per partner.

Both of us are free to make sidebets should we so choose.


lightning36 said...

Looks like we all over-estimated Big Brown.

btw -- after reading your post, guess who I put in 4th in my Super? Ichabod Crane!

Instant Tragedy said...

It was fixed...

It had to be (looking at losing BB tickets).



shamanalix said...

Ah. Well THIS explains why Brown made everyone blue...

Irongirl01 said...

I am such a mush!!!