Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weird Coincidences

I'm currently reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. It was the book prior to The Da Vinci Code and is actually quite good (some folks think better then The Da Vinci Code). So, of course I'm totally fascinated by the symbolism etc in the book. Born and raised Catholic I haven't practiced in years. My mom's dad was a Mason and a Shriner and if you read both books there are references to Freemasonry. All I know is Grandpa wasn't Catholic and Catholics couldn't join the Masons or for that matter any secret society because of oaths etc.

For those of you who play on Pokerstars I use this as my avatar:

It is the 3rd eye or the eye of Horus. To the ancient eygyptians it was a symbol of protection or the all seeing eye.

So I was playing on pokerstars the other day and this dude starts quizzing me on my avatar and states that it is a satanic symbol and a sign of the New World Order. And that many corporations use this symbol and they are all in cahoots (so does our Great Seal of the US or a variation of it). This dude wouldn't stop with the 3rd degree and then he started lecturing the table on more recent events such as manipulation of the financial markets by these all powerful men who meet secretly.

I wont bore you with the details of the table chat other then this dude knew that both President Bush and John Kerry were Skull & Bones at Yale (I looked it up he was right). I basically told him he was too uptight when he accused me of using a demonic symbol and to go rub one out which brought a laugh from everyone at the table. But what hit home is I myself have stated to Snake5970 and my father that I believe that we are being manipulated and are just pawns. The rising price of gas, and other commodities seem to bear it out at least to me. I had said this even before I had started reading Angels and Demons which was only last week after I finished The Moscow Vector by Robert Ludlum & Patrick Larkin.

Angels and Demons talks about the Illuminati but more interesting to me is the mention of the New World Order. The New World Order doesn't play a role in the book it is mentioned only as a background framework.

So what is weird to me is I get this idea in my head about being a pawn in a bunch of politicians and corporate overlords chess game, pick up a book to read that mentions this New World Order, find out my avatar has attachments to the New World Order and have to listen to a dude go on and on about it. I thought he was nuts but now I'm wondering.

What did Scully and Mulder say... Trust No One.

And I'm keeping the avatar because the Egyptians used it long before some other organizations swiped it for their own uses!!!

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