Friday, May 04, 2007

A change will do you good

I run bad since Monday. I'm not down bundles of money probably about $50 on FTP. I'm impatient or overly patient and I cant bring my game into balance. Of course this always happens after I run really well for a while. I'm restless, irritable and discontent in my poker life and Ive been having bouts of insomnia in my real life. The insomnia is getting to the point where Im considering getting something to help me sleep. For a former garbage head/lush like myself probably not a good idea. Ive tried Sleepytime tea. Ive tried mediating, I've tried reading a really boring book and to no avail.

Presto no good in the Mookie for me last nite. On a board of 346 with my pocket 55s I run into the IG (99). I decide to be creative (make something happen) and flat call the bets chasing my OESD, set etc. Which of course never materializes. Done in by my own hand. I donk out of the Dookie. I bubble in a couple of token sngs before finally taking a baby turbo down (this was after tilting someone who hit two pair with 7T to my top pair with Q9. Turn 4 river 4 hes counterfeited and not a happy camper). I then ran over the table like a rabid raccoon.

Tonite I donked out of the token frenzy when my AK got beat once again by something like A8 rivering me. I then started playing a 6 handed turbo no limit sit n go at the same time riverchasers started. The sng was a rousing sucess. When I got to heads up I had a dude who didnt use the button to his advantage. He also didnt like to bet big headsup unless he had a hand. So I was able to min raise and trap. I was the dog going into heads up but took the lead and then almost had him out when I called his raise holding 56c, I flopped a boat and got maximum value when he hit his str8 or flush. Since the buy-in was puny I decided to play really LAGGY. It worked to my advantage and I took the shorthanded sng down. I can be very successful with that style of play when I embrace it without concern for losing money. Of course it helps when you have chips and can play any two cards remotely connected.

Unfortunately, Riverchasers took a backseat while I was heads-up and I folded folded folded. I managed to tread water but the tourney got away from me and I was cold decked too boot. The best I could hope for was to make the BBT leaderboard. MiamiDon got moved to my table and raised my big blind. I fired off a "Hey lay off my blind message" with a lol. He swears he had a hand. Finally I took a few pots down and clawed my way above the starting chip count. My best hand of the nite was laying down JJ to a raise and reraise and I was in the Big Blind. Sure enough AA vs KK. Of course a Jack hits the flop which just about sends me over the edge until an Ace hits the turn. Finally I look down to the IG (beautiful 99). There is a raise in front but it smells fishy. It smells of overcards like AJ-AT or a middle pair lower then mine. So I push and get called by AT which of course hits the T and I go out. This time I'm done in holding my trademark hand. SIGH.

But it was a fun nite with the bloggers as I had IGGY at my table. We decided we should do a radio show (ala Mike & Mike) this would be IGGY & IG. Although my first idea was it to be on the Game Show Network, InstantTragedy decided it would be on the new TDN: Total Donkey Network. We would have such games as dwarf tossing and pin the tail on the Donkey, Where's Waffles etc. The theme song for the network: If I had a hammer. Stay tuned for the premier of this potential Emmy winning show. And of course Id like an Entourage.

Since I was spewing negativity tonite which is so unlike me and was pointed out. (I do get sick of myself when Im like that in about thirty minutes tops), I decided to spend the rest of the evening working on my IPOD. I got out of work early today as I had to retrieve my mom from the airport after her vacation in Florida. Im off tomorrow so tonite marks the start of a long weekend. I plan to play and dig in the dirt and do some gardening. I also have a craving for some good barbecue and will have to fire up the Weber Grill.

Eureka.............I have Spring Fever.

Peace All.

PS... Dont forget Katitudes Donkament tomorrow nite Full Tilt Poker 9 PM. Its the cheapest therapy around.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hah IG, Don always claims he "had a hand". Yet whenever he gets called, he mucks 'em. Interesting....

Just made my Vegas plans official after reading your blog yesterday. Only a little over a month away!

bayne_s said...

Did not know 99 was the "IG"

For a guy insomnia is cured by sex.

I haven't ever cheated on my wife but I am sure you can find someone else to help you sleep.

shamanalix said...

Gonna hate myself in the morning, but Dr. Sham agrees with bayne_s. Soon as I read your first 'graph or two: "This woman needs a good 2- or 3-hour session of lovemaking, sex and anything else that comes up. Not just 'sex', but cuddling, fun, the whole nine..." I disagree with ya, bayne, in that I know it's a good insomnia cure for gals as well as guys; I know a lot of ladies who'll vouch for the recipe. Ask your wife if she don't sleep better after you ... oh, nevermind.

Ig, go find a fun temp boytoy. Enjoy. And be safe. (No, old hermits from the Midwest only give advice, we don't participate! Too emotional and risky ...)

Good cards to you and your readers.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

COMING TO THE CW.... TDN: The Donkey Network.

Couldn't be worse than what's on the CW right now!