Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ive been triple tagged now. I wish that meant I was really popular but I fear Im like the last girl standing.

I promised Pokerpeaker last nite I would do my homework and present to you my SEVEN.

However, you all have to wait till after the Season finale of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy (which at times has struck close to my own personal life).

In the meantime, A Donk I AM. I busted out of the Mookie just before the break raising with 72os getting reraised by a big stack. I knew my opponent had a monster and with a sigh I sacrificed myself to the FTP poker gods pitching my puny remaining chips of about 800 all in. The cowboys booted the hammer.

Not much luck in the late token frenzy.. My pocket pair is looking good and im looking to double up till the Ahole with A8os and one diamond rivers his runner runner flush. Instead of being able to coast into a token Im out

Turbo out 8th of 9. I think I may have chased. Who cares

Sacrifice made FTP poker gods. Show me some luv. Show me the money.

And to top it all off I have been hit this week with all the issues that turn dental claims into neurosurgery. How we can make things so difficult for 32 teeth is beyond me. I call it job security. In the meantime my stats have sucked this week. I usually can handle a call in under 5 1/2 minutes if not better and take close to 100 calls a day, And thats with complete documentation. This week Im up near 7 minutes and having one Provider whine to me for 45 minutes didnt help. I wish I could call the clock on some of these jokers.

We will be back after a brief intermission and ready to go in the Donkament


sham said...

Keep smilin' gorgeous and don't fret your pretty head off. All that bad just means something really good's around the corner. Your cards (and other things) will come; trust me! I'm still giggling myself silly about winning the Dookie last night; undeserved, but I'll accept the award, Madam Director. Ask hoy what a ridiculously lucky sham.o.b. ah is...

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...


Contact me through AOHELL or Gmail or the website.

Your song is up. I'm trying to find the music, already found the vocalist to do it. :-)

Chipper said...

Nice play in the Friday Donkament last night. You made some nice moves and built a nice pot going into the money. pushmonkey didn't want me to make the money apparently last night. Nice finish. Seeya there again next time.

Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

Bloggers are ghey!! 2-7, come on ahaha!! Here's a whacky idea, play super tight and pick blogger donks off?javascript:void(0)
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