Saturday, May 26, 2007

The first thing you dont know about me!!

Im going to do my seven a little differently. Im not going to do them all at once. I will do them one blurb at a time. So here goes number one.

1). My parents split when I was a freshmen in college. Circa 1978 this was big stuff for an Italian/Irish Catholic family. This put a big crimp on my finances for college. I didnt qualify for financial aide at University of Vermont my first year but by my sophomore year I was dependent on scholarships, loans and work study. I did two years at UVM before transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder which was a lot cheaper even as an out of stater and was equally as perfect for the skier I was. While at CU I sold my plasma in order to have spending money to keep up with my Orange County Newport Beach debutante sorority sister. Twice a week I hoofed it down to the Boulder Plasma center where they stuck a needle in my arm, took out a pint, spun it out to get the plasma, put back the red blood cells.. Repeat twice a week. The first visit of the week paid $10 the second visit paid $8. That was enough to keep me in pizza and beer. It was also at this time that I took to hijacking peoples beers they left unattended. So if you frequented the Walrus, Broken Drum, Tulagi's or any other Boulder hot spots circa 1980-1983 and wondered where your beer always disappeared to it was probably me!! Frat parties were positive EV+ all the free beer one could hold (and I could hold a hell of a lot).

Short of playing the Big Game, MATH and an early Mookie exit I played very little poker this week. The weather has gotten really nice here in Upstate NY so I took advantage of it to clean up my deck chairs and table, garden and do some other summer clean up. Long weekends are perfect for that and if I get a lot of stuff done I will be able to enjoy my summer with only spiff ups. I had already cleaned up the grill so tomorrow I should be firing up the barbie. The pool opened up at 11 AM today and I'll be heading over there in a about an hour or so with Snake, who I havent actually seen since our live league finished. Some heads up poker and Chinese Poker will be in order and hes going to give me his Coach P pep talk and take me out to dinner to send me off to Vegas in style. He will be going out to Vegas June 30th or July 1st and staying thru July 15th and is playing Day three of the Main Event. He's been tuning up nicely having choppped the Sunday Tourney at Turning Stone a few weeks back.

Did I mention that my most favorite blogger tourney is Katitudes donkament. So far in about 5 outings I have 3 seconds and a third and one early out to NumbersGame. NumbersGame happened across the donkament about three weeks ago and although not a blogger yet, has gotten sucked in to reading blogs. He even played his first Mookie either last week or this week. So if you see him. Give him a warm welcome hes a serious player and has gone deep in most of the donkaments hes played. At first he was really uptight not understanding the essence of the donkament and whined its not poker. Waffles and I did our best to school him and indoctrinate him in the way of the donkament.. kind of like fraternity hell week. He bit and hes been back each week. Brings a tear to my eye.

I knocked the short-stacked Waffles out last nite not with KJ but with 77 that I also got a huge pot off Garthmeister with. Garth said he had Aces but I played the hand like I hit a set perfectly and got Garth to lay them down. I said to Kat in girly chat... I guess I showed i do have iron cajones. I went on to finish 2nd. There was just no way with the cards I was getting that I could come back against Sox. He was a card magnet. no matter what I or anyone else had he was just a little better. Well played Sox..

Finally..... Congrats to SoxLover, PokerPeaker and PokerWOlf on the newest additions to their respective families and To Peaker, have a great run in the Bolder Boulder.


pokerpeaker said...

Thanks IG. I won't beat your 10K PR. The Bolder/Boulder, as you know, is a tough course. I'll be thrilled with 48 minutes...that will give me a 7:45 pace, which will be the fastest I've run a 10K.

Think about me Monday!

slb159 said...

haha...did the same plasma donation thing in college...that saline solution they pump you with after donating always made me feel fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

Hey IG. I am new to boulder and i need some quick cash. Where was the plasma donation center in Boulder?