Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Math Recap

The DTV is trying to get up and running and coming to a blogger tourney chat near you. For those of you who have no idea what Im talking about ask IT thats Instant Tragedy, fellow blogger, poet and a dude who I think took one too many acid trips based on his chat posts. If he didnt do too many acid trips, then its me having a flashback.

So, Im going to try to rewrite Dire Straits classic Thats the way we do it, we play the hammer on the DTV... The DTV is the Donkey Television Network, to be hosted by none other then IG and Iggy. However, the contract terms are under review, and I need an agent. Ive heard Miami Don is one smooth talker or perhaps Jordan or Hoy would love to use their barrister skills to help the dwarf and I negotiate terms. I dont come cheap!! And I know the little man is really a big man at heart and well hes just the friggin blogfather to boot.

So what can I say about my second MATH?. Absofuckinglutely nada... I think the only thing worse then playing like a donkey and busting out early is getting no cards at all and being powerless. A pawn, a dispensible chess piece in this blogger game.. OH OH OH the horror. I am extremely competitive and throwing things seemed like a good idea last nite because I just about couldnt take it (must be PMSING). I was not able to double up over the starting chip count. In fact I dont even think I got over T3100 chips and thats just wrong..

I knew it was going to be one of those nites when I raised 4x bb with QQ got two callers and the flop comes AJx.. I fold the queens as the other two go at it. And sure enough the flopped two pair HOY (AJ) prevails... Later I get QQ again and this time there is like 4 callers . EP bets the pot and I just sigh and fold the queens again and once again I think I say.. Your AJ is goot..... Thats the way it went.

I got down to under 1000 chips and we hit the break. My buddy the shamster popped up and stroked my damaged ego stating now its IG's time to work her comeback magic. The fact of the matter is I havent had to play the short-stack very often lately in an MTT. And frankly its good not to have to work that short stack. So I get AJ in EP and push my 900 chips all in. NO callers BLINDS won...HOY HOY HOY, I type in chat... Next hand the IG. those lovely 99's. SO, I push all in again this time getting called by my old friend FishyMcDonk, who has AJ I believe. That AJ sure makes the rounds at these blogger tourneys. The IG holds and to the tune of OLE OLE OLE I type in chat HOY HOY HOY.... IG IG IG....Okay so i had to amuse myself somehow since I was seeing 102/92/32/45 and every low card known to mankind all nite.. I had the QQ's twice, 99 twice and won with them both times (they love me!!). I managed to fold and blind away to a 24th place finish just earning bottom points. The only thing good is after missing the points in my first Two mookies, I have made the points in the following 4-4 events and I am slowly making my way up the BBT leaderboard. And lets just face it my goal is to move on up and dance with you big dawgs.

I had turned on the girly chat and my live leaguemate Trent, summoned me to his Daily Double B table. When I got there he and Eggman, our live league commish had gotten moved to the same table and both of them had a nice stack of chips. Mike (eggman) made an outstanding call of an all-in call on a two paired board with AX that sent another dude packing. I of course had to tease Trent and Mike, asking if it was their date night (away from their wives). Trent just laughed and said yes. Of course, I was jealous I wasnt invited for a three-some and I can see Trent blushing now. He actually joined us in the MATH (LGkeeper). I would say Trent's style of play is kind of like Jordan's from HOP. Extremely aggressive, will play just about anything, and has pulled off some of the most amazing bluffs I have ever seen (and I have seen the hand histories). Anyway, I had turned off the girly chat to concentrate on the MATH for all the good it did, I wasnt being anti-social.

I've been tagged by Katitude (who posted on her blog that she tagged me) and by Pokerpeaker here. Now, I have to come up with 7 new useless things no-one knows about me. I'll have to look over my original 100 useless things and see what I missed because inquiring minds want to know.

I finally booked my return trip home from Vegas.. .Arrival Thursday 6/7/2007 shortly before 1 PM PST and I leave Monday bright and early getting back into Smallbany about 5 or 6 PM EDT. I have one day of recovery before returning to my home office and headset. If I hit it big and or Neteller refunds my money by July 8th I may make a return trip out again for the Orleans Poker Classic/Main Event.

Monster pots and Good Cardma All.


KajaPoker said...

You've been tagged! Go to http://KajaguguPoker.blogspot.com to see what it's all about.

bayne_s said...

From my temporary numero uno in BBT position let me say we look forward to your dancing with Big Dogs.

As an answer to earlier post I will be in Vegas during WPBT.