Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Eve of Cinco De Mayo

Back around 1988 when I took a sabbatical from my real job as a financial analyst to go back to school to become a chef ( a brief time-out), I worked in a "Mexican Restaurant" as a prep cook and Waitress. I was probably one of the only waitresses that looked good in the off the shoulder peasant dress were were required to wear while waiting tables. It fit my hippie persona too a tea. Im sure the black hi-top reeboks made a stunning fashion statement (no huaraches in a kitchen!!)

I posted a much more recent (Xmas 2006) picture of myself in Yahoo Messenger which got PokerPeaker to ask 'You're 47, you look about 30"....I corrected him quickly to 46 1/2 and of course thanked him. I had to laugh when he said "You kind of look like a hippie". As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I've choppped my hair chin length which is a good 12 inches shorter then what it was. MiamiDon teased me about the yahoo picture being false advertising because its not current like today. I promise to try to get a more update picture posted before Vegas so you''ll recognize me when I make my entrance. And no, I dont have a hardcore NY accent (accept when I say dawg, drawer and walk).

PokerPeaker is going to run the Boulder Bolder which is a big 10k race held Memorial Day in Boulder Colorado my old stomping grounds. I've been giving him some feedback on his training. Usually when I discuss fartlek, tempo runs, intervals etc with a "runner" it gets me thinking about running again. Not this time, I can actually say I have no desire to run and to be honest my body cant take the pounding. Too many injuries to the hamstrings and I dont think my ankles and lower back and knee could take it anymore. 5 hours of dancing had my ankles throbbing for days.

I had the day off today and spent the morning balancing my check book and doing grownup things like paying bills. I just love writing checks totaling about $1500... Car payment, Mortgage, homeowners association, Gas and electric, the annual dues for the pool and tennis courts. I have to remember that those are all good things. Three years ago I bought my first house. On a beautiful spring day with the sun beaming in thru the skylights life is just grand. Plus the condo has appreciated about 50k in just three years. Best investment I ever made.

Speaking of investments I have about $4k or so sitting in cash in a retirement account which I manage myself. I havent quite figured out where to move it to (and no I cant/wont move it to a poker account!!). I was thinking about an international fund because right now I have a S&P 500 Index Fund a Small Cap index fund and Fidelity Healthcare and Spectra Fund... THen I thought about ETFs and CHina and then I thought about dumping some money into Apple since the I-phone will be making its debut. I just dont have time to do my own research anymore and since Im not in the field any longer I just dont have the feel for it like I used to.

Tomorrow is Derby Day and I live in a horsey town. Since I live in close proximity to Saratoga Harness Track and the Thouroughbred Track I have to drive south or west or to the Racino to place any bets on the ponies. I'm thinking of stopping by OTB on my way back from my mini spa session tomorrow morning. I havent paid attention to any of the Derby Tune-ups but Ill probably bet the horse that either has Cat in the name or has something to do with Money.

Seems to be an interesting challenge brewing between Waffles and Jeciimd. All I can say is Boyz will be boyz and too much testosterone. I used to love when the tri-geeks with their hi-tech carbon fiber machines would get into what I referred to as a "BIG Dick" Contest. I think this is a battle that can't be won outright by anyone. Waffles has proposed a poker triathlon of mixed games whereas Jeciimd has proposed the score be settled at No limit which is where all the Brou-ha-ha originated from. I think Waffles pulled up some Sharkscope stats on cash game players and that got the ball rolling. Regardless, MiamiDon has proposed a format for the two too settle their differences. If it comes off it should be the PokerBlogger version of the Big Game. Hopefully there will be some kind of DeadMoney Pool going on. Wonder who will come out of this with their pride and nuts intact?

This afternoons SNG foray (bubble) and then my short session at what usually is my money maker (Omaha hi lo cash) met with further depletion of my Full Tilt Bankroll. I'm not going to whine about it, Im just going to have to accept it. The good thing is when I have made it to heads up I've won outright in my last three out of three battles. Snake5970 watched me from the rail last nite and gave me a thumbs-up. I just need to be able to put all the pieces together and hope the cards oblige as well. On three occasions today when I had a gazillion outs (nut flush and str8 draws) I missed spectularly and on another I got outboated on the river. It will turn around, it always does.

So tonite I will play Katitude's Donkament which is at least a rebuy format and perfect for a gal when shes down!! And I did manage to crack the Battle of the Bloggers leaderboard on my third outing of the tour.

Monster Pots and Good Cardma

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pokerpeaker said...

Sorry to hear it, but I understand, IG. I do love to talk to you about running though. And thanks for the pimpin!