Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bubble-Bust-Win Repeat

Short Sunday post as my body recovers from a day in NYC biting the big apple. On second thought the big apple took a chunk out of me. I walked and walked and walked (according to my mom's pedometer during the late afternoon we were up to 5 miles) and I swear every running injury I ever had and some I never knew about are screaming right now. A massage sounds like it may be in order.

My power packed day of power shopping was a mere fizzle. I did get my eyebrows done at Sephora. Usually, Im good to drop a Benjamin or two at Sephora but I decided I didnt really need anything just yet and since it was my second stop I didnt feel like lugging it around all day.

My actual first stop was the Virgin Records Megastore. They were having a whopper of a sale on select titles at $10 a pop. I bought U2's Singles (greatest hits collection really) perfect to load onto the IPOD, Amy Winehouse Back to Black, The PussyCat Dolls CD which I got for Christmas and is mysteriously missing from my car. (think the dudes at the garage stole it when the car was in for service in January) and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Live from Mars. I easily could have done serious damage there. They had the coolest Vintage style t-shirt with CBGB-OMFUG on it that I wanted but at $26.99 I decided to pass on.

We then took the Subway down to Fulton street to visit the South Street Seaport. I hadnt been there in years. In fact the last time I was there was probably back in the eighties when I met one of my sorority sisters in Manhattan with my sister and a friend of hers from the Culinary Institute of America (my sis is a CIA alum too). Boy its changed. I remember when Fluties restaurant was there and there was a good raw bar in one of the food stalls. Now its a lot of the same stores you can find in any mall. After lunching there, we headed back to Penn Station and hit H&M and Macys and then spent a few hours browzing in Borders at Madison Square Garden as my mom's back and hips were killing her (she has three bulging discs in her lower back). Then we had dinner at a Simply Pasta near Bryant Park (a good old standby with decent pasta and reasonable prices and a really good bread basket). I had a rare rare rare tuna steak with capers and mashed potatoes and sauteed snow peas and tomatoes. I also had a Ceasar Salad with Anchovies. Being Italian I like my anchovies just not on pizza.

I am disappointed in that I passed on getting really really really good NY Style Cheesecake. I like my cheesecake with no crust and that is the way NY Style cheesecake is. We were near a Bread Factory but again I didnt want to lug pastries around for a few hours and figured Id find another spot to get a piece, never did. Oh well, guess my thighs will be happy.

So today after meeting mom for a quick mother's day breakfast which was really lunch, I headed home to plant my Dahlia's and play some poker. My goal... token for the Monday nite MATH. Result Bubble.. Bayne was in my heat and went out before me but I even missed the $14 cash bubble. I pushed with QT ran it into AQ.. I hit the ten on the flop but of course FTP rewards the stronger hand on the river with an A. $8.80 of my limited FTP roll gone. So I sign up for a deep stack $5.50 90 person sng. I stay tight thru the first couple of orbits and have a little over the starting count. in the bb with three limpers and me with 32d I hit the flop hard with 33X.. I fire out a half sized the pot bet and lose two and get one call. Turn I bet the pot and get a call again. Hmm No friggin way he has the other 3 and this cant be happening to me again. Oh yes it can IG....So I check the river and the other dude fires all in. Being extremely curious and deciding there really is no way he has a three I call. Sure enough Fawker has A3h. Not only does curiousity kill cats it kills IG's too. Another $5.50 gone... Ttl losses $14.30

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I take one more stab at it.. $6.50 turbo sng. While I page thru a magazine we lose four people. One person, a complete fonkette, has acquired a stack totaling almost T8000 with some of the lamest calls I have ever seen and sucking out big time with the worst hand. I dont even have the smallest stack. Now with the blinds big I start raising. Donkette doubles me up to almost 3000 when she comes over the top of my raise (QQ Im holding) holding 33. I hold. Then she gives the rest of her stack to the dude or dudette I eventually will play heads up. Once again. I head into heads up with not quite 3000 chips and the other dude with the balance. Once again. I comeback to win the turbo sng..... Streak is alive at 4-4 or 5-5 in STT's that once I get to heads up I havent lost. Winnings in sng $27.. net profit for day a pathetic $6.20.

I think I shall just direct buy into the MATH and then hope to god I can finally win one of those Tier two tokens for the BIG Game next Sunday.

Time to book my return home from Vegas in June. Cant believe its less then 4 weeks away. So who all is going (besides Waffles and Hoy that I definitely know about already)?


MarkGreb said...

"Amy Winehouse Back in Black"

There can only be one!


pokerpeaker said...

You've been tagged, so pony up some personals. Stop by if you don't know what I mean.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Heya, what about Zabar's? If I'm in NYC and i don't make a stop at Zabar's then that just hurts! Coulda easily hopped the 1 or 2 from Times Square right up Broadway, stops at 78th or 79th and Zabar's is on the corner of 80th. HEAVEN!

P.S. i already knew about dloading at but i do thank ya for telling me about it. If you wanna dload some sweet JGB shows, stop by ... there's also SBDs from 79-90 there and a link to a site with SBDs from 66-78. Some auds at archive really give a great feel of being there but when Jerry's on fire, oh boy, just gotta have nothing less than a crispy SBD!

See ya :)