Sunday, February 03, 2008

Im Registered for the Bodonkey Are you?

Big Woot to Smokkee for getting this up and going and nailing a WSOP seat as first prize. I'd be happy with any of the Tourney dollars too! Heck I'm happy with weekly T dollars and cash!!

As it is I'm Freerolling this. I had won $300+ tourney dollars when a WSOP seat was divided up in Tourney dollars over the 40 people that qualifed for the Rounders Radio Challenge last year. Plus I've won T$109 in those weekly bodonkey's not counting the weeks I just got my buy-in back. Really this is one of the best deals in town.

Snake is probably kicking himself now that he hasnt started a blog I emailed him a list of the prizes but he was on his way back to Atlantic City with his brothers and parent to celebrate his parents belated 45th wedding anniversary. Snake is a gifted storyteller and he had some hilarious stories from Atlantic City during the Borgata Winter Open. One of the more interesting ones was a group of guys tried to get a private table going. Borgata Poker room management said no but most of the dudes got seated together anyway when they opened a table. As it was the "rules" of the table were you had to move all in whenever you got the hammer. I immediately thought blogger follies!! He said there was about $18,000 on the table when he went over to observe. Thats some serious hammer dollars!!

January sucked as far as poker went short of my live play. I lost the feel for the online game, withdrew into a little shell and was playing scared and fearful. I was not playing in the moment. I let a mistake I made in my checking acount overwhelm me. Suffice it to say in my drinking/drugging days I made a mess of my finances which took me years to work my way out of. As an accountant/finance person by training you would think I would not make goofs in my checking account. However, IG posted the same paycheck deposit twice into her register and her checking account balance was not as cushy as she thought. No checks were bounced but for someone with a fear of financial insecurity coupled with a bad run of cards, I was making horrible decisions and letting the suckouts that occur as part of this game we "love" send me messages that I should not be playing. I even cashed in my pokerstars account and had them send me a check. Yes, I can be rather RASH at times.

I wasnt curled up in the fetal position but close and stress exaberates my asthma and I broke out in hives, plus I got some weird itchy eye reaction. Coupled with never ending PMS where I think the world doesnt love me I tend to have some irrational moments. I shut down when I get like, this not really depressed just sad. Fortunately I read the right article at the right time on pocket 5's about high middle and low level players which summed up what my game had become. And I discussed what was going on with Snake and he made me get back on the horse again. He put me into two tourneys on Stars since I was cleaned out. I played well in the first Friday afternoon turbo he put me in but didnt cash but in the Friday nite 7PM guarantee I broke thru with a 220th place finish out of 3216 or so donks. (I sat out APL needing a break from the stuff going on there plus we were in the middle of rain and sleet here and since I had just cleared my mind, I decided it best not to stress myself out on the roads in 5 PM traffic in bad weather) Not oodles of cash but enough to get me moving. I then played may way into the 100k guarantee today on my first shot for an investment of $2.20. Came close to a bottom cash in that but fell short in that. I did finish #2 in a turbo $3.40 SNG Saturdy also and cashed in the 1PM $5.50 buyin today. Baby steps. All without really great runs of cards.

Even though the groundhog saw his shadow today was kind of a spring-like day. When I drove home from Starbucks and the market I saw a runner/triathlete dude hi-tailing it up the road with his chiseled little calf muscles (the only time it acceptable for a guy to wear spandex I might add) It made me want to lace up the shoes and get moving. Coupled with that is the fear of anyone seeing myself in a bathing suit this summer. I am sure many woman can relate but it is more stressful to have a guy see you in a bathing suit then Naked. Am I right ladies? I mean trying on bathing suits is probably one of the most agita producing things a woman can do. I know, I know some of you think going to the gyno is but really its being seen in a bathing suit. Lets face it naked you can at least artfully position yourself to hide any flaws you might have but finding the right suit is like a woman's holy grail. Men dont get this part of the woman's psyche and probably never will. When I mentioned this tidbit of fact to Snake he looked at me like I was nuts. This whole convo arose because he wanted me to start reading this blogger column from the NY Post. Mandy is right on in her assessments of relationships but the fact remains we always have doubts when it comes to relationship issues. Even the most secure and confident woman tries to read between the lines when we try to infer what the male species really think. Frankly most guys rarely get above Maslow's basic needs... Ie: food, water, shelter, sleep, sex, excretion and porn :) so methinks we sometimes give them too much credit. I mean, I know men are capable of higher level thinking at the poker table but when it comes to relationships I think I just have to accept that yes means yes, no means no and there is no hidden agenda going on. I mean the rational part of me knows this but the fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional part of me is still prone to moments of self-doubt. What does this mean? That even though I normally have my shit together, Im still flawed.

Now back to the SuperBowl...!!


BamBam said...

1) Plenty 'O' luv for you in this part of the world.

2) Yes does mean yes and no does mean no.

3) What the hell is shelter doing ahead of sleep, sex and porn?


lightning36 said...

This is what I wrote in my blog about a month ago: "Give me some chocolate, Chinese food, affection from my wife, and a few trips to Las Vegas each year, and I am pretty satisfied."

Yeah - we're not that complicated. And ... yes means yes and no means no ...

lightning36 said...

Oh yeah -- and:

"I mean, I know men are capable of higher level thinking at the poker table but when it comes to relationships I think I just have to accept that yes means yes, no means no and there is no hidden agenda going on."

I think that most men believe that IS higher level thinking.

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