Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hee Haw Bodonkey #1

Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament

No points for IG. 29th of 54 (a record for the Bodonkey). I blew a very nice stack (largely acquired from Waffles in a set over set fracas which saw my KK stack his 99 (the IG!!). I was a set mining queen early on 3-3. I also hit some pretty crappy hands out of the SB.)

How did I lose my chippies. Totally overplayed TT. Kajagugu raised and I called. He had been raising from EP practically three times an orbit. The board came down a Jack and two undercards. He checked. I bet, he reraised, I pushed in he called and I was shown KK and I think he even hit his set. I lost a good $6000 chips on that hand.

I fought back like a trooper. Open Jam Open Jam Jam the blinds, Repeat as needed. Won a race with 88.... I then had about T3200 ( I may have built up to a few more can't remember now) from my low of 880 or so but with blinds at 200/400 I decided to push with AK all in on a blind steal only to run into MehJacksrok (I assume thats JJOK) with AA in the blinds. Same story different day and I go out.


Check out my 3rd post a few days back at the music blog. There is something for everyone there include some nice shuffles by one of our readers Justin85

I should be heading out for a few MaxCreek shows as they will be playing local the first weekend in March as well as CREEKEND April 18t-19th at Eastover Resort in Lenox Massachusetts. Always a good time.

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