Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kisses to You All

You guys and gals are the bestest is all I can say. Thanks for all the love, hugs and support sent this way during my recent moments of LIFE TILT. Life is beginning to fall in to place starting with:

The Hyundai Santa Fe is back on the road. I picked it up today and the bill came to a little over $50 and $20 of it was for gas. The catalytic convertor and Oxygen sensor were fine. My new Mechanic believes I may have let the gas get too low and sediment in the tank or water got on the line and was not letting the exhaust out. Similiar thing happened last year and the weather that day was very similar to last Thursday the day I conked out. Last Thursday I was able to get it started and drove it to the garage following the tow truck as they didnt send the flat bed which my 4wheel drive needs. The guys thought i was nuts risking engine blow-up but as it turns out no harm done. I didnt feel like waiting for the tow truck driver to go back to the garage and comeback. Did I mention Im not patient.

Saturday AM saw me spending time in the OnCall medical clinic. Remember I was on my way to the clinic when I broke down. Things only got worse. I felt better after the car died but by late Friday I had to call my mom to say I need to go to the Doctor first thing tomorrow morning. So she bailed me out as I did her New Year's Weekend. Diagnosis..Bad UTI with possible Kidney involvement as well as being dehydrated. So I'm on Bactrim for a week this time and some pain killer. After this I have to consult a urologist because of protein in my tinkle. Guess its not supposed to be showing up there and could mean issues with the Kidney's.

Saturday Afternoon saw me play Saturday's with Dr. Pauly aka the Omaha HI tourney. I hadnt played Omaha Hi in about a year. At one point I was doing very well with it but let it go to work on No limit and my sporadic dabbles with Pot-Limit Omaha8. I went out midpack after spending some early time up near the top of the leaderboard. Having the Rooster on my left didnt help. He crowed that day for sure as that bad boy took it down...Yes Rooster I'm just a B-lister. I think I also played the $5.50 guarantee on stars and cashed for a minimum amount.

AlCantHang, Riggstad, CK and Kat all conspired to get me to Road Trip for EhVegas. Throw in BamBam plugging for me to come and it looks like the AlCantHang/Riggstad wagon train will be coming thru Albany to pick me up sometime next Friday. Ive already offered my services as a designated driver. I may not drink but if you have ever seen me on the dance floor you will see there is no need for it. Yes I can dance perfectly sober, quite well I might add.

Saturday nite after I donked out of Pauly's tourney I decided to lie on the couch and get a KEANU fix. So into the DVD went Matrix Reloaded. Ive seen the Matrix a gazillion times but Reloaded and Revolutions only like once or twice. The rave scene in Zion was a little weird but I was able to relate to the Buddhist or Zen cause and effect mumbo jumbo.

Sunday all dressed up no place to go.. Deep Stack $11 NLHE on stars. I went deep played till almost 8:30 PM from a noon start finishing 46th of 1822. I had a lucky suckout midway when I ran QQ into KK but turned or rivered my set... But in the end my AA got cracked by big stacks pair of 77's that hit a set on the flop. THE HORROR. I win that hand Im back near the top in the hunt for a nice cash and final table run. 46th aint bad in that field of donkeys. As only Chad can say.... "The field aint that good at that buy-in!!" That was my second deep finish in that deep stack and I improved on my earlier finish in just about the same size field.

BFF Kim emerged from her winter of LifeTilt to come to her best friends side also. So another RoadTrip (shorter) is going to be in order for the upcoming MaxCreek shows. Come to find out shes been enjoying the music blog (as I knew she would). Now I have to get Zackary, "my nephew" and his buddies to read it. Zack is now graduated from College and he is the one who taught Aunt IG how to download from archive.org and get it into I-Tunes. I have to chuckle when I think of him being towed to CSNY, Stevie Ray Vaughn, MaxCreek and the few Deadshows we brought him too and how he'd dance as only a toddler can. All grown up.

And like Carrie in Sex & The City, I seem to have my own BIG. Not sure if we will ever be totally out of each others lives, and only time will tell if we can remain friends. I just have to remember to leave myself open to the Aidan's out there.


Riggstad said...


One week and a couple three days before road trip!!!

Good Lord!

BamBam said...

"Yes I can dance perfectly sober, quite well I might add."

So un-f'n-believably over rated.

Dancing like a drunken white guy...
Now that's some mad skillz!

I can't wait to hold you in my arms!

BamBam said...

I can't stop reading this for some reason?

"Throw in BamBam plugging for me to come"

Oh great, I have "Waffles" issues.

So rigged !

lightning36 said...

Sounds like you are due a fun weekend.

Keep rolling with the punches. Things always get better.

Dr. Pauly said...

Hang in there.

Great posts on Phish blog this weekend! Thanks...