Friday, February 29, 2008


That is right...For those of you wondering about the title of this blog post it is currently 1 degree Fahrenheit in Clifton Park NY. I'm not going to do the Celsius conversion right now. I spent all last Saturday and Sunday converting miles into Kilometers and I'm taking a vacation from higher level math :)!!!! Actually it was easy being a retired runner. I know 10k is 6.2 miles and a marathon (26.2 miles) is about 42 kilometer so converting miles to kilometers was pretty easy. Heck I used to mark every 5k of the marathon I directed for our Canadian runners. Of course when I ran track and field in high school we ran in yards and miles.

Back to the weather. I hate the cold and snow. Sounds funny coming from someone who was born in NY, went to college in Vermont and Colorado and who skied from age 4 right on into their 30's. We just got dumped on with snow last week and if you read my prior post it delayed my Eh-Vegas Departure till Saturday AM. Then we got dumped on again on Wednesday for another 8 inches or so, and now my desktop weather alert states that we are due for more snow. 4 to ten inches in fact. Im ready to go where the chilly winds don't blow.

Coupled with the cold, I came back from Eh-Vegas only to promptly lose my voice and am battling a chest cold. Now some of you know I do customer service on the phones pretty much full time for a major health insurance carrier in the dental division. I talk 9 hours a day usually Monday thru Thursday and 4 on Friday. This was not possible for me to do on Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately rather then burning sick time I was able to do my old Bangalore'd job of Reworks. My voice is now 50% back and improving but I am coughing up a lung. I took today off because literally I cant be hacking in customers ears and I have a horrible dry croupy cough with lots of ahem.... phlegm and mucous. I stood in the hot shower for a good long time to help loosen everything up. My teeth hurt too some I'm sure my sinus's are the little culprits. Yes, I feel a little bit better then death warmed over. And I cant hear worth crap. Poker tonite should be interesting. I suppose I should bring some hand sanitizer to avoid passing germs onto my fellow league mates.

Normally, I am as healthy as an ox from strong sturdy Italian stock where the women live well into their 90's. And I rarely whine or complain. I rarely ever call in sick. So for me to take a precious day off I'm definitely not feeling great. I'm sure I was probably run down from the Kidney infection and the hectic Eh-Vegas weekend pushed me over the edge. So this has probably put a damper on my plans to go see MaxCreek tomorrow nite out in Averill Park.

Instead, Ill probably play me some online poker and work on ordering some plants, seeds etc for my upcoming gardening projects. Bugsy's Club is having their own little online championship. I was fortunate enough to satellite into and then cash in a guarantee their last year on my first foray on that site to earn about $225. Think Ill use some of that money which is sitting their to play some of those tourneys.

Battle of the Bloggers III: I've crunched the numbers and realize its probably negative EV for most of us. It would require over $1000 of straight up buy-ins assuming no tokens won. KOD has an interesting post about who he thinks is capable of inking some of those seats. I agree with his assessment on my ability. I for one have lately been much more successful on PokerStars then Full Tilt. I think I'm more comfortable with PokerStars blind structures then Full Tilt. So, I'm not sure what my plans are for this Battle. I have made the leader board freeroll each time and did pretty well in BBT 2 (improving on my finish in #1) without playing a full slate of events but I haven't cashed in the freeroll and my winnings do not exceed my buy-ins.

I just think that some of the players have me pegged as only playing premium cards when that is not true at all (I wont even tell you what small suited connector I love to treat like pocket aces and raise with it, thank you Rizen for the idea). I think my biggest issue is folding too much post flop instead of floating and C-betting amongst the bloggers. And I don't get paid off on my good hands sometimes because you think I have it. I don't always and Ill have you know that I have started check raising or repopping on the come with my strong draws (say mid pair and nut flush draw. I also have found that I get my biggest payoffs with hands like the Mookie or 78s or 89s or 45s etc.

And you can't say anything about the BBT3 without giving a big hats off to the man himself: AlCantHang. I had heard that Al was one of the sweetest guys you'd every meet and he is old school blogger aka a legend. I got to meet him this past weekend, and it is true. He is just one of the most down to earth real people out there. I'm looking forward to the Bash this year for sure. And the BBT3 wouldnt be what it is without Hoy's, MD's, Mookie's, KOD's and Riggstad's tourneys. Thanks guys. Dang Ive met you all now except for Mookie!!!

And A Friday shout-out to two of my gal pals: CK31 and Donkette (the other Lori who spells her name the same or I should say the right way). CK hooked my up in the girly chat with Donkette and we could be twins from our backgrounds/heritage to our loves for cooking and gardening. Have fun in AC gals. Wish I could join you but another long drive is just not in the cards!!!

And dont forget Saturday's with Dr Pauly on PokerStars at 4:20PM. The game is Omaha Hi.


lightning36 said...

Winter weather is lovely, isn't it? It snowed here last night. Today the temperature is supposed to get up to 39, and hit 56 by Sunday.

Mookie said...

"Dang Ive met you all now except for Mookie!!!"

Hitch a ride with Riggs and CK and come down to Austin in May ! :)

BWoP said...

Feel better!

You should definitely go to weekend at Mookies . . . although I will be flying for that one.

AlCantHang said...

It was a pleasure to meet you in person. I only wish I was feeling up to snuff Saturday evening so I could really enjoy myself.

See you at the Bash!

bayne_s said...

It is a brutal 55 F in the Bay area today.

You are not only one to go mis spell Bloch today

4dbirds said...

Darling, you can alway move to warmer places. :-) The only time I've lived in freezing cold tundra country was when the army made me.