Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ive Been doing this 3 Years now!!

Happy Three Year Blog Anniversary to IG!!

I didnt post much in 2005. I dont think anyone read me much then either. I got cranking in 2006 and of course 2007 I really got rolling and met many of you KIND, Fine IIF's.... I think this will be post 248 for me total. Wish I could spend more time writing, playing, etc but Im a working gal.. No not that kind of working gal all you Eh-Vegas bound males.

I did return to the live league last Friday nite after it was mutually decided I should. Plus it was good to get out of the house considering I had no car for 5 days and was housebound with the Kidney/UTI thing. Week 21 saw me triple up rather early with a donktastic call which saw my KK suck out a flush when I needed to. The hand went something like this... Limp from a casual player on my right.. I reraise to $300 (Josh shouts thats my girl!!, they missed me my two weeks away).. Phil looks at me and says you have AA and reraises me to $900 (WTF). Hugh and I both call. So im pretty sure PHIL has AK or AQ or hes suckering me in.. flop comes down QJh and a Ten I think. Hugh bets $1000. I call not liking the board but I have a str8 draw and a back-door flush draw plus an overpair to the board and a gazillion outs. I think Phil repops to $2000... Call Call. I kind of think the new casual first time guy may have hit two pair with QJ (he did), Im not afraid of Phil at this point as Ive seen him overplay TPTK. There is so much money in there I am seeing this hand out to the bitter end and going busto if need be. The money goes all in after the turn card is flopped and I call for a heart and hit my flush (Finally I catch for once) TJ looks at me Hi-5's me and says you were so do for that. Phil showed AQ.. Yes he reraised my KK with AQ and I stacked him. I left Hugh with like $100 chips. He managed to double up a couple times.

I then ruthlessly stole with abandon taking a lot of Tracy's stack, and kept building my stack. Eric moved all-in. His hand range is huge and with my JT suited and pretty much a ten to 1 Harrington hand. I call and bust his A3 when I pair my jack and then river a straight to boot. I move to the final table as co-chip leader with two racks of chips...And then it all goes south. Tracy and Ray bust on the same hand to Bill pretty early That got Bill healthier and he and and I and Norm had about same chip stacks. It then took forever to bust anyone else.. Juddy and Karen finally went down both to Zoe I think... Zoe went on a roll with her squeeky tight fold to the final table nit play and finally busted me in 6th. I tried to many connectors and missed my flops and whiffed on an AK hand. When Bill fired I saw his tell that he had a hand and had to fold... My IG (99) finally ran into Zoe's KK and she went on to win. It was just as well. I was tired and didnt care and had run out of steam. My stamina is still lacking a little. So I blew a chance for a TOC seat

Look out this week APLers. IG has a sub and Trent will be sitting in so expect a completely different style of play. He know's I'm in the top ten (Per Ray solid 7th dropping lowest scores) even with my two scratch weeks. I am Eh-Vegas bound as soon as the boyz with CK in tow tell me what time they are fetching me. I am so looking forward to Astin's dinner. And of course meeting Kat and Joanne and The Tuckfards as well as Al, CK, And Riggstad for the first time. Astin I've met and if you read my blog no I adore him and would gladly fix up all my younger gal friends with him.

I did do two posts for the music blog over the weekend, covering one of my favorite bands MaxCreek and the upcoming Mountain Jam at Hunter Mt late May into June, but I played no online poker. I was just too tired to focus for an MTT. I do have an appointment April 4th for a regular physical with a new closer MD, and have to make an appointment with the Urologist on my return from Eh-Vegas. Not sure when I will get in to see the specialist though. I still pee way too much and any twinge in my back makes me jumpy jump but I'm off all meds.

And random thought.. Did you know the WSOP starts in 100 days (May 30th), and the Main Event in about 134???!!!???. No idea if I will be in Vegas this summer or not right now. It all depends on health and stamina and funds. Maybe Ill put hardwood floors in my condo or go to a Dude Ranch instead (something I've always wanted to do). I do plan on joining a gardening club when the weather gets warmer.


BamBam said...


Oh crap.... made me read the rest!

Can't wait IG. Seriously!
I just can't wait!
Last cyber ((hugs)) 'till the real ones.

I honestly JUST CAN'T WAIT !


BWoP said...

Happy Blogiversary!

See you soon . . . if the Riggsmobile ever gets there.

23skidoo said...

Happy Blogbirthday IG!!!

See you at the BODONK!