Thursday, February 07, 2008

When it Rains it Pours....

I am officially removing the end of January and the month of February from my calendar. In the span of 24 hours:

The Catalytic Convertor or Oxygen sensor on my car went. Maybe both. Car is currently in the shop and I am carless for the next 5-6 days. Thankfully I work at home and my neighbor will take me to the store and mom will come take me out Sunday.

When did the car conk out? I was on my way to Oncall for a possible bladder infection. Ive been prone to them in the past and its something I may have to have surgery for in the future.

And IG is definitely single and on the market. This one's a tough one and I am sad about the loss of someone who was not only a really good friend, who I trusted 100% but who was also incapable or just wasnt willing or couldnt let me in because of their own unresolved issues/baggage etc. This person was someone who I could tell anything too and who accepted me as me and who was completely at ease and comfortable with me but who was not used to it (his own words). But he wasnt mine to have and I should have known better. And I know some of you are thinking that this happened before but this time I think it really is the end. The tone of the email was Ms IG I have to let you go and wish you well. Yes, I know what you are thinking, pretty crappy to not have a final phone call or face to face but theres other stuff going on there which I dont care to share in the blog. And some of it I'll never no.

Needless to say, I'm not returning to the live Friday nite poker league (6 weeks left) even though it means foregoing the end of the season tourney guaranteed payouts. I did the diplomatic move and bowed out. The league means more to he then I. I had almost quit back in October but made a promise to stick it out. A promise I dont feel I have to keep anymore. Its not that I would be uncomfortable seeing him but I need my space too. Plus I wont have my car tomorrow nite anyway.

Maybe I am just destined to be single and unlucky in matters of the heart. But I think somewhere there is a sports-loving, poker playing guy who keeps up on issues and who likes to read and who loves music and who likes to go out to eat and maybe dance a little, who wants a smart sassy gal who might be a tad boring since there is no drama.

And maybe its time for the tears to flow, I think I deserve a cry after the day I had.


BWoP said...


Sorry to hear about the car ickiness and the health ickiness.

But . . . my life motto has always been "non vale il pene." It means "it's not worth the penis."

No sense in settling for less than the best. It's really not worth the penis.

There are tons of guys out there who would find your myriad qualities fantastic. And who will treat you like gold.

The trick is always in finding them.

Hang in there.

You deserve it all.

katitude said...

Here's some virtual hugs, and a dial-a-shot is coming your way. I think you need to come to Eh-Vegas babes.

shamanalix said...

I can't say it better than those two beautiful women who got here first. Listen to 'em. Lean on them, and all your friends, and on yourself. Hang in there and stay you. Remember Jerry's songs. Everything passes eventually. You're very special; Bailey always says so. Peace, love and happiness...

BamBam said...

That's it IG !

Let's figure out how the hell to get you up here to EH-Vegas for a real hug!

Until then. Another virtual ((hug)) will have to do for now.
But it is a HUGE (((HUG)))!

Riggstad said...

BOOOOM! The The man truck will be making one stop toward Albany on the way to Eh Vegas if anyone is interested!

I believe Al said something along the lines of why not?

One road trip with the likes of us and CK in tow should cheer you right up!

Love_elf said...

If this guy can't appreciate you for all the wonderful qualities that you have, then it just was not meant to be.

Remember that you are a beautiful, smart, successful woman and any man would be lucky to have you!

Things will get better. Time heals.

pokerpeaker said...

*BIG* hug.

I have always found therapy through running in times like these. Give it a shot and hang in there.