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Boston Trip Report 10/21/2006-Be Scooter for A Day

Rather then go on our usual bi or tri-annual excursion to NYC (shopping, shows, and fine dining). My mom got me to go on a trip to Boston with her TravelWalk/Volksporters group for the LIFE IS GOOD PUMPKIN FESTIVAL and FREEDOM TRAIL EXCURSION. Now the bus didnt leave till 7:30 AM but my mom insisted that I meet her at the Park and Ride at 6:50AM to insure ourselves a good seat. By the time we pulled into the Crossgates Mall parking lot our bus was almost full. When I got on board the bus I realized I was the youngest person by far and I was looking at my future. Silver haired old ladies out numbered the men about ten to one. OMG! Horrible Odds.

And the vision became all to crystal clear in my bee-stunged mind: Im going to wind up going on bus trips with women friends to casino's, utilizing the coupons for free buffets and match plays that I have horded, stealing sugar packets and wrapping up bread to take home and angling for two-fers. Then I remembered... IG you are a card player, men outnumber the women ten to one. Your EV is positive. That is not your future. Sit down girl and chill. Besides you made a lasting impression on Waffles the other nite. You still got it girl.

As I mentioned in my previous post I slept most of the way to Boston. The Bus dropped us off on State Street near Quincy Market Place and not to far from the Visitors Center-Checkpoint Charlie I for our Trek. I hadnt been to Boston since I railed.. I mean crewed for a few friends who were running the Boston Marathon a few years back. The Marathon finishes in a completely different part of town. It took me all of one minute to get the map turned around right and off mom (Edie) and I went to get her booklet stamped. There is a good reason why I jokingly say I would be perfect for the Amazing Race. I am great with directions and I am naturally athletic to boot. The fresh air perked me up and my competitive Nature took over. Mom and I arrive at the sign-in near the old state house first. Now this was not a race but I was going to have some fun.

We left the old State House and winded our way past the site of the Boston Massacre then thru Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market Place. We trooped thru a farmers market that was selling fresh produce for ridiculously low prices. Two thoughts entered my head... The Dead Kennedys album "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" and this would be a cool time to whip up a giant stir fry. Next up the North End-Boston's Little Italy. I could have stayed there all day and dined my way thru the four P's and Im not talking the 4 poker P's I'm talking: pizza, panini, pasta and pastry heaven. Before we left the North End I made sure we had stopped for a Cannoli for a treat later.

We passed by the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung for Paul Revere and I immediately thought of the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Then it was across the bridge to Charlestown and the Bunker Hill Monument which I could see in the distance and pointed out that that was our destination. It was about then that my mom asked me how far we had gone. She said "4 miles?" I was like "No mom about two". Mom is fit for 68 years old but she had bunion surgery and a hammer toe straightened last February and the foot still gives her discomfort. I realized some short cuts were going to be in order if we were going to make it to Boston Common. We got to Bunker Hill and the site was closed for renovation till November 1st and no ranger could be found to stamp my mother's Freedom Trail Passport. I told her we were then heading to the Boston Naval Yards and Old Ironsides. It was then she told me she was hungry. I said do you want to pass on going thru the Naval Yards while we were standing outside of them And she looked at me and stated: "I saw enough Naval Yards when I was dating and married to your Father. I can pass on the Naval yards" I started cracking up.

A few of my moms friends that we had separated from in the North End caught back up to us exiting the Naval Yards. They too were hungry and decided to pass on Bunker Hill. They had actually detoured from the actual course and went the wrong way off the Bridge. Back across the bridge we troop, thru the farmers market again and we wind up at Quincy Market.

I take my mom to the Salty Dog a seafood joint in Quincy Market that has a great raw bar and Fried seafood. My mom is eyeing the sandwiches of the young couple sitting next to us in very close quarters. The dude states the Salmon BLT is really good to my mom. We get to chatting as he asks if we are visiting Boston and mom and I state "Yes for the day". I ask if they are in school: his gal pal is Music Ed at Boston University and he's working having dropped out of BU as a music major. I ask him what hes doing for work and he says he's a drum tech for a band. I ask what band? Now he looks at me and I'm sure is sizing me up, since Im old enough to be his mom and says..."A band called Guster" figuring I've never heard of them. I look at him and state... "Arent you supposed to be on your way to Vegoose". He looks at me and states "You know the band?" and "I state not like the Dead or DMB but I sure do". Turns out we lunched with Scooter and his gal pal whose name escapes me now. During the course of our discussion another dude hears me say VEGOOSE and mention poker and states he's on his way out to Vegas on Sunday. Anyway, we are going over who is playing and I'm thinking to my mom we might as well be speaking in tongues. She then states to give her some credit.. she has heard of Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers and Galactic ?? Now I look at her thinking Yeah right mom you know of Galactic. I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt because she does like jazz and Galactic has played at jazz festivals before.

Scooter and his gal head off after paying there bill and I wish him a Good Show. And for those of you who want to be Scooter for a day check out this link:

So my mom had her Salmon BLT thanks to Scooter and I had an Oyster Po'Boy. We then headed to Boston Common for the Pumpkin Festival. The idea was that the Life is Good Clothing company was going to set the Guiness Book of World records for the most carved pumpkins in one spot. All proceeds to charity. There sure were a lot of pumpkins and people. But not really much to look at. So back we went to Downtown Crossing to do some shopping before dinner at Durgin Park. We stop in Borders. Now my mom works at the Saratoga Barnes and Noble part-time but a book store is a great place to kill time and we spend some time there. I have bought nothing all day other then lunch and a cannoli. The cannoli become a frequent topic of conversation from my mother.

1. I wonder if the cannoli are still good?

2. Do you want me to hold onto the Cannoli?

3. Maybe I should have a little bite of mine now!!!

My mother who watches every little thing she puts into her mouth including the fact that she ate 12 french fries at lunch is Cannoli obsessed. The reason I dont crave is because I dont deny myself life's little pleasures like Cannoli, creme brulee, chocolate mousse and carbs!!! Sure I have an extra layer I could do without but my guy friends tell me they like women with a healthy appetite who arent food obsessed and who have a little meat on them. That would be me. I like my curves they just need to be toned up a little more. Okay, Im a work in progress.

We head to dinner at Durgin Park. Someplace I have never eaten on many trips to Boston. Prices are pricy but well worth it. There are over 100 of us in one of the main dining areas. I order the Yankee Cut Prime Rib $24.95 and have left overs but it is the best Prime Rib Ive eaten in ages and worth every penny. Friends of my moms. Frank and Barbara share the Durgin Cut. It is $30+++ dollars with a huge bone and big enough to make Henry the 8th a happy man. Our waiter is JOEY, a nice Italian Boy from the North End who looks like a younger and thinner Matt LeBlanc with a mustache. I get him to do "Hey how you doing" (something hes never been asked to do a million times before) and leave him a nice tip.

I then notice Frank looking for something. Frank is one of the few men on the bus trip along with Jerry, Judy's hubby (both long-time family friends). Frank states that Barbara has lost her pills. I ask what kind they are thinking they may be important.. Now Frank is about 70 something I would say. He looks at me and smiles and says... "I dont know but when she takes them she treats me nice". He also mentions that he carved the name of some chick whose name he cant remember now (or so he says to Barbara) on one of the boats in the Naval Yards over 50+ years ago.

Back on the bus and one of my mom's friends decides it would be nice to see the friggin pumpkins lit up at nite. The bus driver complies and we drive by the one side of the common which takes us half an hour to get to. I mention I could have walked there and back in 15 minutes. I then think the bus driver is heading out of town until I realize he is doubling back to the front side of the Commons. Boston has the worst traffic known to mankind. I am about ready to freak out and I begin to mutter the FBOMB. I look at my mom and state: Now Im really going to have an anxiety attack" She looks at me and asks why Im so upset. Because 5 freaking hours is too long to be spent on a bus especially when Im not driving, not feeling well, and could be playing poker for money (I dont say that). I vow never again, never again, never again.

Then it dawns on me. I completely forgot about Blogger Tour event #3. I had pre-registered for it but had forgetten to re-check with Ray on Friday to see if he was actually working Saturday and if he'd be home from work to play my account for me. server is one hour off and start time wasnt till 4 PM. It was him first and then Carol as my second choice. I never reminded her either in my bee-stunged brain. I Figured who ever got me good points or cashed would get to keep the moola and would be my choice to take to the Aussie Millions. So now, im looking at shitty points and dropping out of the top twenty and the TOC. The numbers pre-registered were way up over the first two events. Im screwed.

I got home and logged onto and I saw a beautiful thing. The tourney had been suspended/cancelled due to server problems. BOOYAH...Im the next hostess and get first place points for hosting. Im back in the saddle again. Someone is watching out for IG. God my body feels like 10 miles of bad road right now.


New World Record (30,128 lit pumpkins) Shines a Light on Camp Sunshine: $554,211 raised at Life is good Pumpkin Festivals nationwide!

A Guinness World Record was triumphantly smashed at the Life is good Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, as 30,128 carved pumpkins lit up our nation’s oldest public park, the Boston Common. Over 100,000 people came out to enjoy the old fashioned fun, simple food, live music and spectacular sights on a picture perfect autumn day.

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